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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 307

Apart from the performances of the stars, there were also several launches of public welfare projects of REG. Stars had been quite active.


Seeing that celebrities too the public welfare activities so well, whether out of sincerity or for fame, Rosiley felt that they were amazing.


The atmosphere of the whole party was great. Rosiley was reluctant to miss any of the programs, so she didn't leave until the end.


Before leaving, Rosiley instructed Raye and the others to bring back all the materials they got tonight. She would go to the company to work overtime with them to write a press release overnight.


After leaving the scene, Rosiley contacted Lane and asked him to take her to Sachin.


Lane told her that Sachin was in the VIP room on the third floor.


Rosiley arrived at the door of the VIP room on the third floor. Just as she was about to open the door, she heard people talking inside.


Rosiley frowned, thinking that there were guests. She was too embarrassed to disturb them. Thus, she withdrew her hand and stood to the side, intending to go in after Sachin was done.


The door suddenly opened, which startled Rosiley. She hurriedly turned her head.


A tall man walked out. At the sight of Rosiley standing by the door, he was shocked. Then, he smiled mischievously and said, “Are you looking for my eldest brother?"


"Eldest brother?" Rosiley frowned and looked at the man doubtfully.


The man smiled even more happily with a meaningful look. "It looks like you're the woman my younger brother talked about, right?”


‘What does he mean?”


Rosiley did not know this man at all, nor did she understand what he was talking about.


“Rosiley.’ A familiar voice rang out. Rosiley looked up, finding Sachin behind the strange man.


In an instant, her face was alight with a big smile. She hurriedly ran up to Sachin.


"Sachin." She stopped in front of Sachin and looked up at him with a faint smile.


Sachin helped her adjust her messy hair behind her ears. He smiled gently and said, "What kept you so long?”


"The show is so good, and the party is really great. Well done." As she spoke, Rosiley gave Sachin a thumbs-up and mischievously winked at him.


"I'm glad you like it." Sachin stroked her head, his eyes filled with tenderness.


When the man standing at the door saw this scene, he was lost in his thought.


Rosiley glanced at the man at the door and frowned slightly. She whispered, "Sachin, who is he?"


Although she had an answer, she still wanted to confirm it.


Sachin glanced at the person at the door and replied coldly, "Second Young Master of the Lu family, Charles Lu."


Rosiley raised her eyebrows slightly. It meant this man was Sachin's half-blooded brother, and Charlie's elder brother.


Rosiley turned to look at Charles, and the latter fixed his eyes at her. Wearing a faint smile on his handsome face, Charles seemed to be a good person.


"Sachin, is this your girlfriend?" Charles asked tentatively.


Sachin did not reply but coldly stared at Charles.


Charles didn't care at all. Instead, he smiled more triumphantly, and looked at Rosiley more curiously.


Rosiley frowned and subconsciously moved closer to Sachin.


Charles’ gaze really made her feel uneasy.


Sachin looked up at Charles with a serious expression. Holding Rosiley in his arms, Sachin said coldly, "Go back and tell him that I will go to the Lu’s, but not now. Please don't do anything that wouldn't pay off.


Charles chuckled. "Sachin, you are still quite a character.”


Then Charles glanced at Rosiley and said, "I apologize for Charlie. He is in the wrong, so I let him stay in the detention center for a few more days.”


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