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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 309

Rosiley stretched herself and turned to look at her colleagues, who were working as hard as her. A gratified smile appeared on her face.


She stood up and patted her hands.


Everyone looked up at her. She asked with a smile, "Are you hungry? If you are, let's order some food."


"I'm hungry!" When it came to food, Raye raised his hand immediately.


Rosiley couldn't help but laugh, "Since you're the first to say yes, I'll leave the important task of ordering food to you."


"Consider it done!” Raye answered without any hesitation. He picked up his notebook and walked to Rosiley. “What would you like?”


"I'm good. You guys could order whatever you want. My treat.”


With that, a burst of cheers rang out in the office.


Rosiley smiled at her colleagues’ happy faces, picked up her cup, and walked into the pantry.


She had never been accustomed to eating late at night, so she poured herself a cup of milk and walked to the window of the pantry with it.


It was late, and the sky was pitch-black without any light while the city was brightly lit.


Taking a sip of milk, she raised her hand and gently stroked the glass, something gentle flashed through her eyes.


She wondered if Sachin had come home yet.




Hearing her name called from behind, Rosiley turned around and found Raye standing at the door.


"You are wanted on the phone.”


Rosiley frowned. Who would call her at such a late night? Could it be Sachin?


She hurried out of the pantry, headed to her desk, and took out her phone from her bag. Surprise flashed in her eyes when 

she saw the screen.


It was Bertram.


She put the phone through immediately, "Hello, Rosiley's speaking."


Her polite tone resulted in a faint frown from Bertram on the other side of the phone. He pursed his thin lips, revealing a trace of displeasure.


The caller was so silent that Rosiley thought that the phone had already been hung up. She took it down her ear to take a 



It was still on the line!


She put it back to her ear, "Bertram, what's the matter at this late hour?"


‘Bertram, what's the matter at this late hour?’


She seemed to be saying that he shouldn't call her if he had nothing to do.


Bertram smiled in frustration and said slowly, “Rosiley, I'm downstairs.”


Downstairs? Rosiley frowned, "Downstairs in the company?”


A light "Yep" came from the phone. Rosiley's frown deepened. It seemed that it had been a while since they met last time.


But it was so late. It seemed inappropriate for them to meet, especially since he had confessed to her. If Sachin knew that she met Bertram at such a late night, he might be unhappy.


But Bertram was here for her. It seemed rude if she refused to meet him.


After pondering for a while, she took a deep breath and said, “I'm going downstairs now.”


She hung up the phone, turned to her busy colleagues, and said, "I'm out for a while and will come back immediately.”


"Okay, go ahead.” Raye looked up at her and turned his attention to his work again.


Rosiley hurried out of the company building and saw a black SUV on the roadside.


‘That should be Bertram's car, right?’


With doubts, she approached the car slowly. Before she could get close, the window of the car was rolled down.


She saw Bertram sitting in the back seat. She paused for a moment before walking over quickly.



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