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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 311

Rosiley returned home but did not see Sachin. She asked Sasha and was told that he did not come back last night.


She hesitated to call him. But after coming out of the bath, she fell asleep as soon as she lay in bed. As a result, she forgot to make the call.


Rosiley was so tired that she fell into a deep sleep and did not notice when someone lay beside her.


Rosiley woke up from hunger. She opened her eyes slowly and stared at the ceiling for a long time. Her sleepy eyes were still a little hazy.


When her eyes started to focus, she pushed her hand on the bed and was about to sit up.


Suddenly, she felt something was pressing down on her stomach. Startled, she turned around and found the peaceful, handsome sleeping face.


She couldn't help but chuckle. So it was Sachin.


She gently removed his hand from her and sat upright against the end of the bed. Her gentle gaze fell on his face.


He must be very tired. He slept so soundly that he didn't even notice that she had moved his hand.


She reached out her hand with concern and gently stroking along the shape of his eyebrows with her fingertips.


Sachin felt something strange on his face in a daze. His innate alertness drove him to reach his hand and grab the fingers playing on his face.


He opened his eyes and met her sparkling, smiling eyes.


After a short while of blank, he curled up his lips. "Hey.


His hoarse voice was very charming and sexy as he had just woken up.


Rosiley replied, "Hey. I've been awake for a while.”


She withdrew her hand from his and smiled apologetically, "Sorry to wake you up."


Sachin stared at her for a while and sat up. He combed his messy hair with his hand and said, "It's fine. I've been sleeping for quite some time.”


The thick curtain blocked the sunlight outside. But it still allowed some light into the room, so the room wasn't very dim.


He had just woken up. His black hair was messy, and his handsome face still looked sleepy, which was even more sexy and 



Rosiley couldn't get her eyes off him.


Sachin turned around and found her staring at him. He raised his eyebrows and smirked, "Rosiley."


Rosiley blinked when she heard his voice. She stared blankly at him and asked blankly, "What?"


The smile on Sachin's face grew brighter, “Nothing.”


With that, he leaned closer to her.


Rosiley widened her eyes as she watched his handsome face slowly approach her. She closed her eyes automatically.


With a warm touch on her lips, he kissed her.


He grabbed her waist tightly as his lips tangled with hers. The room was hotter and hotter, and the air grew intense.


The afternoon sun shone down on the swimming pool in the backyard of the villa. A gentle breeze blew across the water, 

creating ripples and sparkling waves.


TEG would have made headlines with its charity party, but the sudden exposure of Bertram's affair instantly attracted all the media.


As a result, even though TEG didn't make headlines with the charity dinner, it still became a trending topic


Because along with Bertram’s affair, his girlfriend's information was also exposed. She was an employee of TEG and was also 

known to almost all of Benin citizens.


She was Rosiley.


The one who was betrayed by her fiancé. The one who was robbed of her fiancé by her stepsister.


All of a sudden, it was on everyone's lips.


Bertram’'s fans couldn't accept that their star crush was in a relationship, so they went to Rosiley's Weibo account to attack her.


Unable to withstand the fierce discussion, Weibo's servers went down. Weibo could only temporarily shut down its comments function and make some adjustments.


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