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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 318

‘What will come will come!’ The worst and most worrying thing did happen now. Seeing the man he liked holding another woman, Juliet did not know how to describe her feeling right now.


She felt her heart suffocated and even out of breath.


Her eyes got wet unconsciously, but she still forced a smile and said, "Hello."


Hearing the voice, the two who had been talking looked up and both were stunned when they saw her.


Payton was the first to react and he asked in surprise, "Why are you here?”


Juliet shrugged her shoulders and said, "You didn't answer my phone. I thought something happened to you, so I came over to have a look."


“Didn't I?" Payton frowned. He fumbled about in his pockets and then smiled apologetically at her, "Sorry, I forgot to take my phone.”


"It's fine.” Juliet smiled, but not heartily.


She shifted her gaze to the woman in his arms, and a trace of coldness quickly flashed through her eyes. The corner of her lips curled into a sneer, "It's because of her that you stood me up tonight?”


Hearing this, Payton remembered what he had promised her. He smiled embarrassedly at her and then explained, “I wasn't deliberate. It's just that Tracy wasn't feeling well so I took her to the hospital and forgot about what I promised to you.”


Tracy? Juliet raised her eyebrows slightly, and a trace of mockery appeared in her eyes. ‘You two are really intimate:


Sensing her displeasure, Tracy hurriedly moved aside a little, intending to withdraw from Payton's embrace.


However, she didn't feel well indeed. His feet gave way and he almost fell. Fortunately, Payton quickly responded and supported her. "How are you?"


Payton's nervous expression plus his concerned voice really stirred up the jealousy and dissatisfaction in her heart.


Juliet's entire face sank as she stared coldly at Tracy.


Tracy grabbed onto Payton's arm and barely managed to stand firm. She smiled weakly at him and said, “I'm fine.”


Then, she raised her head and met Juliet's cold gaze. Startled in heart, she subconsciously wanted to let go of Payton's arm, but before her hand was off, her entire body was lifted up.


It turned out that Payton had carried her up. She stared at his handsome face in surprise.


He said gently, "I'll carry you in so that you won't fall again.”


His gentleness rippled her mind. She looked down slightly to hide the emotions in her eyes and softly replied, "Thank you.”


In Juliet's eyes, this scene was like a knife fiercely stabbing into her heart.


It hurt, so much.


Payton carried Tracy and walked past her as if he didn't see her.


She heard Tracy whisper, “Juliet, I'm sorry.”




Juliet cracked a smile, her eyes full of ridicule. She turned around and walked towards them.


Payton was struggling to open the door. Juliet came over and directly took the key.


“I’lI open it.”


With that, she opened the door and then followed in as Payton carried Tracy into the room first.


Payton gently placed Tracy on the sofa, and then turned to look at Juliet, his eyebrows raised slightly, “Aren't you gonna go 

back home now? Wouldn't your father nag you since it's already so late?”


"Why would he? I'll just say that I'm with you.”


Juliet said nonchalantly, then walked over and sat beside Tracy.


Looking at Tracy's pale face, she frowned slightly and asked with concern, "Tracy, what's wrong with you?"



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