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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 324

Juliet had just returned home when she received a phone call from Rosiley.


She picked up the phone, "Rosiley.”


“Juliet, are you available? Come to dinner with me.”


Juliet arrived at a Hong Kong restaurant on the bustling streets of the city center according to the address Rosiley gave her.


As soon as she entered, she saw Rosiley sitting next to the window. Rosiley held her cheek with one hand and looked out of the window with a faint sadness on her face.


Juliet frowned and walked over.


"Rosiley;’ Juliet said softly as she sat down at the seat opposite Rosiley.


Hearing Juliet's voice, Rosiley turned her head. When she saw Juliet, she smiled and said, “Hi, Juliet.”


Juliet smiled and teased, "Why do you have time to have dinner with me today? Where's Mr. Sachin?"


Ever since Rosiley married Sachin, Rosiley, Juliet and Yayoi had spent much less time together than before.


Sometimes, Juliet asked them out. Rosiley said that she stayed with her husband and Yayoi said that she stayed with her boyfriend. Juliet was the only one who was single and pitiful.


Hearing her asking about Sachin, Rosiley's eyes were full of uneasiness and she replied indifferently, ‘He has something to do”


Did he have anything to do? Juliet raised her eyebrows and cast inquiring gaze on Rosiley's face. Juliet's sixth sense told her that something was wrong and Rosiley was strange.


However, she did not ask Rosiley immediately. Instead, she beckoned to the waiter.


After ordering the dishes, Juliet picked up the water on the table and took a sip. Then she looked at Rosiley leisurely. "Rosiley, what happened between you and Mr. Sachin?"


Rosiley was at a loss. Then she forced a smile and shook her head, "No. There is nothing special.”


As she spoke, she picked up the water and drank it to conceal her guilt.


Juliet chuckled, "Rosiley, it is possible for you to conceal it from that silly girl Yayoi, but it is impossible for you to conceal it from me.”


Rosiley bit her lip and smiled bitterly, "I really can't hide it from you.”


Juliet raised her eyebrows. "Tell me what happened.’


Rosiley put the cup back on the table and hesitated for a moment before recounting slowly what she had seen at the REG's door.


After Juliet heard this, she frowned and said, "Did you leave directly?"


Her tone was unbelievable.


Rosiley nodded, "What else should I do?"


Juliet rolled her eyes. "You should follow them.”


Wasn't Rosiley always smart? Why was she so stupid today?


Rosiley pursed her lips, “I'm reluctant to follow them.”


When she thought of how Sachin had let that woman get so close, she felt annoyed.


Juliet was disappointed.


Juliet really wanted to pry open Rosiley’s head and see what was inside. Why was Rosiley so stupid at that time?


Juliet took a deep breath and said as kindly as possible, "Rosiley, the woman who has a so-called blind date with Mr. Sachin might be his friend. She has a good relationship with him, so it's natural that they stand close.”


Although it made sense, Rosiley had never seen Sachin so close to a woman ever since Rosiley was with Sachin. It was normal for Rosiley to feel jealous.


Juliet continued, "Rosiley, you can't be so petty. When you saw that he was close with that woman, you had a headcanon about them. At that time, you could walk over generously and ask Mr. Sachin who that woman was. I don't believe Mr. Sachin will hide it from you deliberately”


"He hid it from me about his father arranging a blind date for him.”


Rosiley was slightly dissatisfied.


"Maybe he just doesn't want you to think too much," Juliet hesitated.


Sachin hid it from her deliberately. He must have his own intentions. After all, the Lu Family was very complicated. He definitely didn't want Rosiley to get involved and get hurt.


Juliet could only think like this.


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