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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 328

Allen couldn't bear to see Juliet alone.


Allen's words surprised Juliet. She fixed at his handsome face.


He smiled gently. He was so mild and gentle.


After a long time, Juliet blinked and chuckled, “Allen, if you say that, I will misunderstand that you like me.”


“Isn't this a beautiful misunderstanding?" Allen smiled meaningfully. A trace of affection showed in his eyes.


Juliet bit her lips, “It is indeed beautiful. However, I have fallen in love with someone else.”


A hazy light flashed past Allen's eyes, and he still smiled warmly, "It's fine. That is enough as long as I love you.”


Juliet raised her eyebrows and leaned back. Her inquiring gaze landed on his face. “Allen, are you joking with me or are you serious?”


“What do you think?" Allen did not answer.


Juliet replied without hesitation, "Fake. After all, I arm Payton’s girlfriend. How can you like your friend's girlfriend?"


Allen looked down and smiled, “It's just a little late.”


His voice was very low, and Juliet did not hear it clearly. “What did you say? I did not hear it.”


Allen looked up and smiled slightly, “Nothing.”


Since it was nothing, Juliet did not pursue it any further, and she was not interested.


She stood up and went to the wine cabinet to get another bottle of wine. Then she turned back.


She stood in front of Allen, raised the wine in her hand and said, “Do you want to drink with me?"


Allen raised his eyebrows and said, “My pleasure.”


Payton listened with interest to Charlotte's funny stories about foreign countries and occasionally laughed heartily.


He inadvertently turned his head and saw Juliet and Allen sitting in a corner.


The smile on his lips faded slowly, and he looked at them quietly.


He didn't know what Allen had said, but Juliet's smile was very brilliant, and her delicate face became even brighter and more moving.


He felt strange. He pursed his thin lips and stared at her smiling face.


Seeing her smiling so happily in front of Allen, he felt somewhat unhappy.


River looked up and saw that Payton was looking at something with his head tilted. River didn't know what Payton was looking at, so River followed Payton's line of sight.


When River saw Allen and Juliet, a trace of surprise flashed through his eyes. How could they be together?


River glanced at Payton who was in a bad mood. River said with a mocking smile, “Unexpectedly, Allen and your girlfriend hit it off.”


Hearing this, Payton turned around and looked at him. Then Payton stood up under River's gaze and walked towards them who hit it off.


"Is Payton jealous?” River raised her eyebrows. His eyes sparkled with interest.


Allen was very funny and humorous. He could easily amuse her.


As she drank wine, she listened to Allen's words. Wasn't it a pleasant enjoyment?


At the very least, she didn't have to think about that annoying Payton.


Juliet took a sip of the wine and looked up. Her face clouded over.


Allen had always looked at her, so he noticed that her expression was changed.


Seeing her staring straight behind him, he frowned. He turned around and saw Payton walking towards them.


Allen's eyes were filled with disappointment as he smiled and said, “Your boyfriend is coming. I will get out of your hair.”


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