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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 331

The shareholders’ meeting was just a formality. It was a fact that the chairman of the Young Group would be replaced, and no one could change that.


Yayoi didn't want to be the chairman. She only wanted to be proud in front of Candance and Vito.


After the shareholders’ meeting, Candance's face became extremely ugly. If Candance's gaze could kill, Yayoi felt that she would have already been torn into pieces.


Candance indeed hated her. However, she could do nothing about it. Yayoi felt especially pleased.


After the shareholders’ meeting, Yayoi and Maddox walked out of the meeting room hand in hand. Yayoi was smiling all the time.


“Are you in a good mood?" Maddox asked softly.


Yayoi replied, "Yes, I'm so happy to see Candance angry. She's always so arrogant, but every dog has its day."


Maddox smiled, "Keep in the good mood then."


"Yes." Yayoi nodded heavily, "I will definitely keep it.”


Maddox raised his hand and gently rubbed her soft hair. Then, he held her hand and walked towards the elevator.




The clink of the glasses and the cheerful melody of the music all showed that the people in the room were feeling good.


Juliet raised her head and drank up the wine in the cup. She smiled contentedly and said to Yayoi, who was sipping her wine, "Yayoi, you really have come to the end of your tribulations.”


Juliet could almost imagine how ugly Candance's face was at that time. She felt so good just thinking about it. She wished that she could be there as well, so that she could also kick Candace when she was down. In that way, maybe Candance would finally understand how serious the consequences of bullying Yayoi were.


Yayoi smiled shyly and glanced at Maddox beside her. "Actually, this is all thanks to Maddox."


Hearing this, everyone present couldn't help but chuckle. Yayoi felt even more embarrassed. "Alright, I'm telling the truth. What are you laughing at?"


Rosiley picked up the wine on the table and filled her own glass. Then, she lifted it up and smiled gratefully at Maddox, saying, "Thank you, Maddox."


Seeing this, Juliet hurriedly filled her cup and raised the glass to Maddox, "Maddox, thank you."


Looking at them, Maddox smiled. "Yayoi is my girlfriend. It is my responsibility to do all this for her."


"Yayoi is our best friend. We should thank you for helping her,’ Juliet said. Then, she exchanged glances with Rosiley and continued, "Let's drink a toast. Maddox, be our guest.”


Rosiley and Juliet raised their heads and drank a full glass of wine at the same time.


"You two better not take this opportunity to drink too much.” Seeing how heroic they were, Yayoi frowned.


Hearing her words, Juliet couldn't help but roll her eyes, saying, "Yayoi, it's fortunate that you are our good friend. We were merely thanking your boyfriend, but why did it seem so purposeful to you?"


Yayoi shrugged, “I was afraid that you would drink too much. How should I explain to your boyfriends then?"


Your boyfriends?


Juliet raised her eyebrows. She liked the word.


Speaking of their boyfriends, Yayoi looked at the door of the private room and frowned. "When will Mr. Sachin and Mr. Payton arrive?"


"I don't know. Maybe later." Rosiley also looked at the door and then sat down. "Leave them alone. Let's enjoy ourselves first.”


After about an hour, Sachin and Payton finally arrived. They brought another person here.


"Hi!" As soon as that person entered the private room, she greeted Rosiley and the others warmly.


Rosiley raised her eyebrows. Why did they bring Charlotte here?



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