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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 332

The party didn't end until late at night.


In the meantime, Yayoi suddenly felt unwell, so she and Maddox left first.


The noisiest person of the night was Charlotte, and she was also the drunkest.


"I'll take her back to the hotel.” Payton directly picked up Charlotte, who was drunk and paralyzed on the sofa.


Seeing this, Juliet frowned, and one could easily tell from her delicate little face that she was unhappy.


Rosiley noticed it. She raised her hand and patted Juliet's shoulder, whispering, "Charlotte is drunk."


Juliet bit her lips and stared fixedly at Payton, who was hugging Charlotte. Her eyes were filled with displeasure.


Of course, she knew that Charlotte was drunk, but she was so petty that she didn't want to see her boyfriend hugging another woman.


Sensing that Juliet was looking at him, Payton turned his head, only to see her unhappy face. He couldn't help but turn up the corners of his lips.


Juliet was jealous.


Thus, he walked over to Juliet with Charlotte in his arms. He looked at her with his clear black eyes. He did not even blink. "Go with me to send her to the hotel."


"Me?" Juliet widened her eyes in surprise.


"Don't you want to go?"


Juliet twitched her mouth and said, "Not very much. However, you have drunk quite a lot tonight. I will reluctantly go with you to send her back."


Payton couldn't help but laugh. Juliet clearly wanted to follow him, but she insisted on saying what she didn't mean. She was so cute!


Rosiley also laughed. She leaned over to Juliet and whispered in her ear, "Juliet, you're being flouncy."


Juliet gave her a sidelong glance and raised her eyebrows, saying, "There's nothing I can do. I'm just so proud and spoiled.’


Rosiley was amused by Juliet's somewhat helpless yet annoying tone, "Yes, yes. You are indeed."


Juliet smiled and then remained silent.


They took the elevator to the underground parking lot. Payton walked towards his car with Charlotte in his arms, and Juliet followed behind him.


Although she knew that there was nothing going on between him and Charlotte, she was still quite uncomfortable seeing him hugging Charlotte.


No matter what, Charlotte mustn't get drunk again. She would see to that. Otherwise, it would be troublesome for Payton, Sachin and Maddox. It would also displease Rosiley, Yayoi, and also herself.


Just as Juliet was thinking this, Charlotte, who was in Payton’s arms, opened her eyes. Her blurry gaze fell on Payton’s finely-carved chin. Her red lips slowly moved as she said, "Brother Sachin...”


Her voice was almost whispering, but her words could be heard clearly in the quiet underground parking lot.


Payton immediately lowered his head. Seeing that Charlotte was awake, he smiled and said softly, “After sleeping for so long, you finally woke up."


Even though her mind was still messy, Charlotte recognized that it was Payton who was carrying her, not Brother Sachin.


Where was Brother Sachin?


She panicked for no reason and struggled to get out of Payton's arms.


Payton didn't expect that Charlotte would suddenly struggle to get off. He almost threw her to the ground.


He hurriedly put her down.


Charlotte was feeling dizzy in her head, and she was previously being hugged. So, the minute her feet landed on the ground, she staggered, almost losing her balance.


Payton quickly reached out to stabilize her, lest she really fell.


Seeing this, Juliet, who was walking behind, hurriedly walked over and asked, "What's wrong?"


Juliet stared at Charlotte with wide eyes filled with doubt. Wasn't Charlotte drunk and unconscious just now? Why did she wake up?


Charlotte shook her dizzy head and looked at the two people in front of her. She moved her lips and asked, "Where's Brother Sachin?"

"They went to the other side." As Payton replied, he turned around and looked for Sachin and Rosiley.



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