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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 35


Rosiley ordered a lot of expensive dishes in the Harmony Restaurant.


However, Payton didn't realize it. Instead, he said happily, "you're very slim, but you have a good appetite.''


“Thank you. l just did as Sachin said. So, I ordered many dishes regardless of prices.' Rosiley had a taste and said slowly.


"Didn't you notice that these dishes were all my favorite?” Sachin said casually and gave Rosiley a doting look.


Payton was surprised. Suddenly, he whispered in Sachins ear, “Sachin, you really like her?”


"Or what?" Sachin glanced at him and gave him an ambiguous answer.


"I thought you were going to be a bachelor forever. But you met the girl you like. Congratulations! Rosiley is very nice. You shall treat her well" Payton said.


"I will, lest you chat her up again." Sachin looked at him with a faint smile.


Payton said, "Come on. I didn't know she was your wife. lÝ I did, I would definitely keep away from her.'


Sachin snorted, "Great.'


"What are you whispering about?” Seeing them whispering, Rosiley loòoked at them and asked.


Payton smiled and said, "l praised him for his good taste. He found such a good wife!"


Rosiley rolled her eyes and said calmly, "You're so honey-tongued. You must have tricked quite a few girls, havert you?”


Payton was dumbfounded. He was handsome, rich and sweet. Girls liked him. How could she say that he “tricked” those girls?


Payton really wanted to defend himself, but finally he gave up.


"You're really smart." Sachin smiled when Payton fell silent. He added some food to Rosiley's plate again.


Payton was impressed by Sachin's behavior.


He was different after he got married. He became so gentle and considerate. He even had never treated Ellie Ning like that before!


But Payton could also tell that their marriage was not as simple as it seemed.


The news about Rosiley was still overwhelming. He didn't believe they only married for the sake of love.


However, he still had a good impression of Rosiley.


He liked her!


"Sachin, you must win her over. OK? You're Mr. Perfect, remember?”


Sachin knew that he had already sensed something between them. He smiled, "! know what to do."


The lunch lasted for over half an hour amid chatting and laughing,


As they went out of the restaurant, Rosiley said to Sachin, "I'm not going to the company this afternoon."



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