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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 38


Rosiley's eyes turned cold after hearing her threatening, “In this case, I advise you not to offend any reporter for your own good, because they all carry recording pens with them. lf you annoy me, what happened to Rorey will happen to you, understand?”


Hazel sneered, 'I'm not that stupid Rorey."


"You're not. But you're no better than her. Don't forget we're all in the same circle. Maybe others don't know, but l know very well how you got the roles in those two movies this year."


Suddenly Hazel could no longer maintain her arrogant posture. Her expression changed greatly and she looked grim and even scared.


"What are you talking about?” Hazel's assistant said coldly and came forward as she felt something wrong.


"Last December, Peace Hotel, Room 308. February, Oriental Hotel, Room 1304. Do you want me to be more specific?"


Rosiley sneered as she saw Hazel's pale face. Rosiley continued, "l don't have any other intentions. Now you have two choices. We go on with this interview, or you continue tangling with me. But be careful if you can handle the consequences."


A deathly silence fell on the room


Hazel and her assistant got unsettled.


In the showbiz, the biggest taboo was to be caught in something dirty by reporters. Because they could easily make you lose everything you had earned through years of hard work.


Right now, Hazel was faced with this difficulty.


She had to sleep with others to get the roles in those two movies this year. But this was a secret and nobody knew about it other than her closest assistant and manager.


How could Rosiley know?


At this moment, Hazel was shocked and filled with panic.


While Rosiley enjoyed seeing her falling to pieces. She didn't rush her, sitting there at ease and waiting for her reply.


After a while, Hazel finally calmed down. She faked a smile and said, "Let's begin the interview.”




Hearing her sensible answer, Rosiley dropped the topic. She set up the camera quickly and started the interview, 'Hello, Hazel. This is not the first time you have cooperated with TEG. What do you think of us, or TEG?”



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