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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 48


To work on that project, Rosiley got up early and came home late every single day. She always looked exhausted when she came home.


Seeing this, Payton looked at Sachin with a look of contempt. “Bro, Rosiley is working too hard. How could you let her running around like that? it's so hard to see her delicate body worn out.”


“She told me to stay out of this.”


Sachin was cool when he said that. But every time he saw her haggard face, his heart ached.


“And you listen to her? I don't understand. All the other women are obsessed with you and are using everything they can get from you to get ahead. But when it comes to Rosiley, all your wealth and power suddenly become nothing.”


Payton smacked his lips, struggling to make sense of it.


But he did appreciate her for this.


An independent woman was always admirable.


No wonder she had won over his brother.


“She's different. Since she can handle it, I respect her will. As long as I can show up when she needs me the most, it'll be enough.”


Sachin smiled with tenderness in his eyes.


Payton seemed surprised. “You have changed into a different person. lf mom sees you like this, she will probably think her son has been swapped.”


Sachin glanced at him. “don't tell her. It's troublesome.”


“I would break mom's heart if she heard it.


Payton suddenly grinned. “But Sachin, even our father doesn't know about your marriage, does he?”


“He doesn't need to know.”


Sachins eyes suddenly turned cold.


Payton gloated, “1 can wait to see his furious face.”


Sachin didt speak. He cast a sullen glance at Payton. “TII help you turn down the marriage he secretly arranged for you.”



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