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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 53


“What should I do?”


Rorey covered her face and cried, “Mom, I just want to be happy. Why is it so difficult?”


“Rorey, don't cry. I will talk to Yunis for you.”


Xenia was furious and was about to call Yunis.


However, Rorey stopped her and cried miserably, “Mom, it's useless. I have nothing and they won't take me seriously. Do you understand? I need the 20% shares now. As long as I get the shares, the .Jis worry look down on me. Do you know?”


“I know. I know. Stop crying, sweetheart. I will find a way for you. Go to bed and get some sleep. Itl call Yunis, and then talk to your dad about the 20% shares."


Xenia comforted Rorey and immediately called Yunis.


On the phone, Xenia gave a heart-wrenching performance. She cried loudly and hoarsely, “Yunis, where are you? Come over here quickly. Rorey wants to get an abortion. What happened to you guys? Why would Rorey be in despair?”




Yunis was shocked, “Tell her to stay at home. It'll be right there.”


After hanging up the phone, Xenia gave Rorey a sign to tell her to be at ease. Then, she went to the study.


Seneca was reading some documents in the study. When he heard the knock on the door, he answered, “Come in."


Xenia brought in a cup of ginseng tea. When Seneca saw her, he asked indifferently, “Did Rorey calm down?”


“Yeah. She went crazy for a while.”


Xenia put the ginseng tea on the desk, and then moved around behind Seneca and massaged his shoulders.


Seneca was cool and he said, “She is an adult. Tell her to stop being so willful. Since she is a member of the .Jis, she should not act recklessly.”


“Rorey was not willful. The Jis is wealthy. They look down on Rorey and her humble background. Seneca, you know that Rorey treats you as her biological father and respects you. You said that once Rorey got married, you would give her 20% shares as her dowry."


Xenia added, “Rorey finally got married. I have done a lot for the Tangs without complaint for many years. For the sake of my hard work, could you give her the shares now? In this way, she won't be humble in the Jis. This is the only thing I, as her mother, can do for her."


Xenia tried to persuade Seneca, showing her image as a loving mother.


As always, her request was rejected by Seneca. He said, “l told you not to mention this anymore. I will give her the shares when the time comes, as I promised. But until then, I can't give her. In addition, the majority of the Tang Group s shares were inherited by Rosiley. Rosiley's mother left her the shares. The 20% shares which I want to give Rorey need Rosiley's consent. However..."


Seneca stopped and glanced at Xenia, the he continued, “According to the grudge between Rosiley and Rorey, I think Rosiley might not agree.”


“Seneca, Rosiley is your biological daughter, and you have the right to use her shares. I don't think it needs her consent.”


Xenia frowned and continued to persuade Seneca.


She knew that Rosiley hated them so much. Rosiley would not agree whatever they said.


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