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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 57


Thinking she must have got it right, Rorey became complacent, ““Yeah, it has nothing to do with me. I just feel startled. When

we met that night, that man kept saying how good you were. I thought he must adore you. But it turns out he does not.”


Rosiley felt that Rorey was being unreasonable. So she shook her head and said, “Rorey, can you stop being so paranoid?”


“What? Am I wrong? Or maybe you just found someone to act with you so that you could humiliate me and Yunis?”


Rorey was sure that Rosiley had been abandoned. Otherwise, why would that man not come to such an important banquet

with Rosiley? Thinking of this, Rorey couldn't help but laugh, “Rosiley, I didn't expect you to be so desperate. I can introduce one to you if that's what you want. There are many outstanding men here tonight.”


Speaking of this, Rorey suddenly greeted a man not far away, “Mr. Lin.”


“Miss Gu.”


Hearing that, the man quickly walked over.


As he approached, Rosiley recognized that he was Liam from the Lin family.


Liam was quite notorious in Benin City. He had nothing to show off except his rich family. Besides, he had already divorced

twice at sụch a young age.


Rumor had ït that he always abused his wives, and he had sex with a lot of women. With his family's money and power, he hit

on all kinds of women. Some of them were even married. He had a dissolute and decadent lifestyle.


Rosiley immediately became vigilant. She knew that Rorey was planning on something.


Yunis also frowned as he asked Rorey, “Why do you ask him over?”


Rorey smiled and said, “Nothing much. I just want to introduce Mr. Lin to Rosiley. Hey, Mr. Lin, let me introduce you. This is my younger sister I have mentioned to you. Her name is Rosiley.”


Hearing this, Liam immediately locked his eyes on Rosiley, sizing her up in an impudent manner.


Rosiley looked indeed charming tonight.


She wore a one-shoulder light-golden gown which narrowed at the waist, revealing the curves of her waist. And her beautiful the collarbone was exposed. Her gown with fine embroideries was long enough to touch the ground.


She was wearing a little makeup, making her facial features look even more delicate. Her long hair curled over her shoulders, and she fixed the hair around her temples behind her head with an exquisite hair accessory.



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