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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 6


Now, everyone couldn't help focusing on Sachin. However, he ignored them and was only looking at Rosiley. He asked her in a deep and low voice, "Did you get hurt?”


"No...No. Thank you." Rosiley shook her head slightly. She was still a little frightened by the accident.


Noticing this, he said softly, '"Be careful next time."


"OK." Rosiley nodded. She couldrt help glancing at him and seemed curious why he was here.


Without any more words, Sachin looked away as if he didnt know her. "Is the working atmosphere in TEG always so lively'?" With a slight frown, Sachin said to the CEO of TEG who had been waiting aside.


The TEG CEO was very embarrassed to hear that and decided to suppress his anger first.


TEG had been looking forward to cooperating with REG. Now they finally got a chance, but Sachin came here and saw what had just happened.


He awkwardly said, "l am so sorry to let you see that. Please go to the office with me now. This way please..


"Hmm." Sachin, replied coldly.

After they left, the office became noisy again.

"He is undoubtedly the most successful and handsome man | have ever seen!"

"After seeing him, | understood what handsome really meant.'

“Oh my god! He is rich, powerful, dignified and elegant. He is the dream lover! Did you just see how he came and saved Rosiley? Oh my!"

These women flushed with excitement. All of them wished they had been the one who nearly fell, so they could have been held in arms by Sachin.

At this moment, no one cared Rosiley had 'snatched' her sisters finance.

"Seriously?" Yayoi Song looked them in disbelief. .Just now they were making personal attacks against Rosiley because of Yunis, and the next moment they were bewitched by Sachin. That was unbelievable!

"Forget it. Rosiley said with a bitter smile.

Those people never thought twice before they said vicious words. They didn't care how spiteful their words were to her. lf Sachin didn't show up, her situation would just get even worse.

But Rosiley was still touched by her best friend. “Thank you, Yayoi,' she said.

"You are most welcome. Those gossipy bitches need to learn a lesson. Or they will continue bullying you. lt was so dangerous just now! You almost got hurt! Luckily, Sachin saved you in time." Yayoi said.

As Rosiley thought of what had happened, she still felt frightened.


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