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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 66


Rosiley knew that Lonny was doing this on purpose. She frowned and subconsciously looked at Yunis and Rorey.


Yunis was smiling, but there was a trace of fanaticism that no one else could detect in his eyes when he looked at Rosiley.


That fanaticism was even mixed with strong possessiveness.


Rorey looked self-satisfied. As if she wanted to show that she was the wife of the major shareholder while Rosiley was only a lowly employee here.


“Bitch.” Yayoi cursed angrily in a low voice.


Rosiley sneered in her heart, buụt on the surface, she said calmly, “Sorry, I have a selective allergy to alcohol. Sometimes I can drink, sometimes I can't. Unfortunately, I can't drink now. So I'm afraid I can drink a toast. Mr. .Ji, you are generous. ln sure you won't mind, right?”


Yunis didn't know how to respond.


People around were dead silent. None of them knew what to say.


Selective allergy to alcohol? It was clear that she just made it up.


Rorey looked unpleased. She had originally thought that this would show Rosiley who the boss was, but she didn't expect this woman to be this ignorant.


Rorey was about to flare up, but Lonny opened her mouth first, “Rosiley, how could you talk to Mr. Ji like this? Drinking a toast to Mr. and Mrs. .Ji is a great honor.”


“Miss Lu, ifs not my fault for being allergic to alcohol. I really can't drink now. ITl give you this honor. I think you would like it very mụch”


As she spoke, Rosiley placed the wine cup in front of Lonny.




Lonnys face instantly turned red. She wanted to be angry at Rosiley, but she didn't dare. She didn't know how to react.


At this moment, the situation had become extremely awkward. Many senior managers frowned slightly.


Seeing this, Lina hurriedly picked up her glass and stood up. She said to Yunis, “Sorry, Mr. Ji. My subordinate is a little ignorant. Since she can't drink, I'll toast for her....”


Lina drunk up her wine to show her sincerity, as a shrewd person would do.


Seeing Lina coming out to smooth things over, the general manager immediately smiled and said, “Lina is sensible enough.” Then, he turned to Rosiley, “Rosiley, you carrt be like this again!”


“I won't, General Manager."


Rosiley smiled and nodded. Then, she said to the others, ”Please enjoy your meal and excuse us for a moment.”


After saying that, Rosiley dragged Yayoi out of the room without looking back.


Behind them, Rorey clenched her fists tightly. Her face twisted because of the hatred in her heart.


“That was brilliant! Rosiley, you did so well in there. I almost clapped my hands!”


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