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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 67


“I know. Lane has told me.”


Sachin said calmly and started to peel the shrimp for Rosiley.


Rosiley looked at him in surprise, “You already knew that?”


“The Ji Group is quite secretive, but it's not difficult to find out. I didn't tell you because I think you can handle it.”


Sachin put a peeled shrimp into Rosiley's bowl, and continued working on the second one.


Rosiley also put a piece of fish into Sachin's mouth and said, “That's true. When I was in that room, Rorey wanted to embarrass me, but she didn't succeed”"


Sachin looked serious. “When the .Ji Group takes control of TEG, the first person they find fault with would be you.”


Rosiley shrugged, “It doesn't matter. lm not afraid. They can do what they want. They can't beat me that easily.”


Sachin took a deep look at her and said gently, “No matter what, I don't want you to get hurt.”


Rosiley was touched by his words. A sweet smile appeared on her face. She said softly with a clear voice, “l will be careful.”


After dinner, Yayoi returned to the original room. Rosiley stayed here to accompany Sachin.


When the two of them were left alone, Sachin finally looked a little softer. He let Rosiley sit on his lap and wrapped his arms around her waist. Then he said affectionately, “Find an excuse later and come home with me.”


“I have already decided to do that.”


Rosiley wrapped her hands around his neck and leaned her head against his shoulder.


Now, she could only feel at ease when he was around.


Moreover, she really enjoyed being with Sachin. Because he would respect her, would not ignore her efforts, and he was nice to her.


He was different from Yunis, which was why the wounds in her heart were so easily healed by him.


“Then I'II wait for you.”


Sachin smiled and kissed her on the lips. His voice was deep and soÍt.


Rosiley smiled and nodded. Then, she stood up and returned to the original room. She found a random excuse and left the room quickly.


However, in the corridor, Rosiley ran into Rorey and Lonny who had just returned from the bathroom.


When the two women saw Rosiley, their faces were gloomy. l† was obviously because they were humiliated by her in front of everyone.


Rosiley wanted to ignore them, but Rorey did not intend to let her go. “Rosiley, you should know that the Ji Group has become a shareholder of TEG and I will sign the contract with TEG very soon. At that time, you will be doomed. I really wonder why you can still be so arrogant now."


“Since my good days will end soon, Fll enjoy the rest of them to the most. Therefore, Mrs. .Ji, you will have to put up with it.”


Rosiley was smiling, but her words were irritating.


“Rosiley, do you really think I don't dare to do anything to you? Do you believe that I can get TEG to fire you with just a single sentence?” Rorey's expression changed instantly.


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