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The convenient Bride novel Chapter 96

Payton trembled and smiled apologetically, "Okay, it's my fault. Rosiley, don't worry. I've told the doctor to ensure that it won't leave a scar on your skin. Also, I will avenge the person who hit you with the car, making her life a hell.”


Rosiley was shocked. "You already know who hit me?"


Payton nodded. "Of course, there are surveillance cameras outside your villa. We'll find out after the investigation.”


Rosiley's expression darkened.


To her surprise, Rorey was way too vicious. If she hadn't reacted quickly today, she might have been killed.


Thinking of that scene, Rosiley's mind was filled with fear.


Seeing her expression, Sachin couldn't help but feel sorry for her. He hurriedly asked, "Rosiley, can you tell me what happened today?"


He knew that something must have happened on her way home.


Rosiley nodded and spat it out, "That woman wants 20% of the shares of the Tang Group. Because the heir is me, she needs my consent. But I refused. It might be difficult for her to accept it, so she drove into me.”


“What an evil woman! Robbing your fiancé and family property are not enough. Now she even wants to take your life. This is the first time I've seen such a terrifying woman in my life."


Payton said with a face full of astonishment.


Sachin looked even gloomier. “Rosiley, rest assured. Anyone who has hurt you can't get away from it.”


Rosiley was knocked down by a car and hospitalized for two days. After the doctor confirmed that she was fine, Sachin took her home.


At night, when Rosiley wanted to take a bath, Sachin pulled her onto his lap. "The doctor said that you should keep your wound dry."


"I... I will be careful.”


Rosiley blushed.


However, Sachin was extremely calm. "Then let me help you."


With that, he picked her up, stood up from the sofa and walked towards the bathroom.


Rosiley wrapped her hands around his neck and widened her eyes. "No ... no need, I can handle it.”


But how could Sachin listen to her?


Carrying her into the bathroom, he began to feel the water for her.


“Relax. I will be careful and tender."



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