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The Killer Queen with Multiple Disguises by Novia Ford novel Chapter 25

Chapter 25 So You Are Hedy 

The post stated that Gloria, as the president of the student union, was busier than ordinary students in the first place. It was rare for her to maintain her academic performance and she still insisted on going to the chess room for two hours of training every day after school. 

She was the one who wanted to win the most, and the one who worked 

the hardest. 

She was even a Seventh-level Chess Player, the one with the highest strength among all the participating students. 

On the other hand, Hedy had never participated in the training! 

Gloria was worried that the game would go wrong, so she proposed to play against Hedy to verify Hedy’s strength. 

However, Hedy blatantly said that Gloria was not worthy of playing chess with her, and her attitude was extremely bad! 

Could Hedy, a girl from the countryside, know how to play chess? 

If this game was lost, it must be Hedy who was holding back! 

If Hedy didn’t bow to Gloria to apologize, their group of loyal fans. would never let Hedy go easily! 

As soon as the post came out, it immediately attracted enthusiastic responses from Gloria’s hardcore fans. 

In less than half a day, the number of comments reached as high as 1,000, all of which were petitions from Gloria’s excited fans. 

Chapter 25 So You Are Hedy 

283 Vouchers 

They were implying that Hedy was the troublemaker who fooled. higher-ups and picked on her fellow students, so they had no choice. but to sign a petition calling for her expulsion. 

Compared with the passionate discussions of this group of people, the students in Class 7 were much more refined and easygoing. 

Sun, for example, left a comment on the post with his real name, “Nonsense! She’s not going to lose. 

“She’s a girl from the countryside, so what? 

“Regardless of background and parents, which of you is more dignified than others? 

“Can’t a person from the countryside know how to play chess? 

“This is discrimination! 

“They believe in Hedy. She will never lose!” 

At Lowell High School entrance. 

Ellen stepped out of the LWHS chartered bus and saw the magnificent sculpture fountain of Lowell High School, and couldn’t help but exclaim. “It’s so beautiful!” 

She had wanted to come to Lowell High School at first, but her father had said that since their family was in politics, they could not send their children to exclusive schools. 

Exclusive schools charged high fees, and there would be suspicions of corruption and bribery, which was easy to get them criticized. 

Therefore, she could only go to LWHS for ordinary people. 

But her father had also told her not to care about those rich second 

Are Hedy 

generations who spent a lot of money 

Their parents were in business. If they wanted to do a good job in business, they would have to establish a good relationship with the government and be humble to the officials! 

After all, not everyone was from the King’s Family in the capital! 

Thinking of this, Ellen felt much better. 

Vincent got off the bus with the rest of the participating students and stopped in front of the notice board at the school gate. 

The list of participating students from eight high schools was posted. on the notice board, and each person’s name was followed by his corresponding chess level. 

Looking around, most of them were Seventh-level Chess Players, Eighth-level Chess Players, and Ninth-level Chess Players. 

“It’s so ridiculous. Why does Lowell High School have someone with no rank? Hedy? Male or female? The name is so stupid!” 

Ellen saw at a glance that in the list of Lowell High School, there was a name named “Hedy”, which showed no information, and laughed loudly. 

Vincent frowned, disapproving of Ellen’s opinion, and said softly, 

“A person’s name represents the expectations of his parents. Moreover, Hedy is not stupid.” 

Speaking of “Hedy”, he couldn’t help but think of the maid he had met in the dessert shop that day. 

Her appearance, temperament, and fighting ability were the best he had ever seen in girls. 

Chapter 25 So You Are Hedy 

288 (ouchers 

Oh, the proprietress of the dessert shop seemed to call her “Hedy”? 

What was her full name? 

After the game was over, he might as well go to the dessert shop again and maybe he could see her there. 

He had been busy with training these days, and he couldn’t go even if he wanted to. 

Vincent blushed slightly. 

“Mr. Jones, this way please.” The teacher in charge of the LWHS team invited the person with the highest status on the bus to get off. 

It was an old man in his sixties, wearing an expensive black suit and leather shoes, and his hair combed smartly, and he was in good spirits. 

He was the current president of the San Francisco Chess Association, one of the masters of the association, and the mentor of LWHS Jackson. 

Jackson walked to the notice board and looked at the name of the “unknown” student and the mentor Ronin’s name at the end of the list with a sneer, “Well, my old friend is getting worse and worse. He can’t even put together twenty students who know how to play chess. What 

a shame!” 

The arena for this competition was set up in the center of the Lowell High School athletics field as the stands here could accommodate more spectators. 

In addition to students from the school, students from other schools also came to watch the competition. 

The participating team representing Lowell High School arrived here early and lined up neatly. 

Chapter 25 So You Are Hedy 

Gloria stood in first place because of her highest level of strength, and Oliver stood in second place. 

Hedy was placed last. 

Everyone was talking and laughing, and collectively ignored Hedy, as if they had discussed and reached an agreement in advance. 

The student in the nineteenth place even deliberately took a step forward to distance herself from Hedy, as if she was someone dangerous. 

But Hedy didn’t care. 

She just wanted to represent Lowell High School to win the league and complete the trial task (2). 

In the front row, Gloria took the time to look at Hedy’s calm face. Hedy had said in the principal’s office that Gloria was not worthy of playing chess with her. Thinking of it, Gloria clenched her fists slightly. 

Hedy, the competition is about to start. I’ll wait and see how you’re going to pretend! 

At the same time, Vincent led the participating students of LWIS into the sports field. 

When passing the Lowell High School team, he widened his eyes! 

He saw the maid from the dessert shop! 

She was standing on the team of Lowell High School. She was a student at Lowell High School! 


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