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The Killer Queen with Multiple Disguises by Novia Ford novel Chapter 28

Chapter 28 She Was Going to Fight Jackson 

When Hedy stood behind the U-shaped table, many viewers took out their mobile phones, took pictures of this scene, and posted it on social platforms, expressing their shock. 

From now on, whether Hedy would win or lose would certainly be discussed a lot. 

Under their gaze, Hedy didn’t talk nonsense and walked directly to an LWHS student, moved a chess piece, and pressed the chess clock. 

Before the student could fight back, Hedy had already walked to the next student, moved a chess piece, and pressed the chess clock again! 

This action was repeated eighteen times. 

Her speed was so fast! 

“Well, she doesn’t need to think too much about the first move. It’s normal to go so fast.” Jackson sat down and continued peeling oranges, smiling innocently, “If my dog is trained for a month, it can also be so fast. I’m just kidding. Don’t mind.” 

Hearing this, Kelly frowned, and the smile in Ronin’s eyes faded a bit. 

But they didn’t refute it because it was just the first move, and there was nothing to be shown. 

They could only hold back. 

Hedy completed one lap, and all 19 students from LWHS completed the second move, pressing the chess clock and waiting for Hedy to make the next move. 


Was Going to Fight Jackson 

Hedy started to walk the second lap, still fast. 

“She doesn’t need to use her brain much in this step. She should keep her speed.” Jackson stuffed an orange into his mouth. 

Hedy started to walk the third lap. 

Starting from this circle, each of the 19 games took a completely different direction. 

Her chess playing speed was still very fast, but the response from LWHS students was getting slower and slower! 

Jackson stopped chewing the fruit, and there was a hint of puzzlement in his eyes. 

Logically speaking, the one who slowed down should be the girl named Hedy. 

First of all, she had to distinguish the chess in front of her and decide which one of the 19 games it was before she could consider what to do. next and what the consequences of doing so would be. 

LWHS was different and each of the students only needed to think about a game of chess. 

Was it reasonable that people who thought about just one game of chess were slower than someone who had to think about 19 games? 

Were LWHS students too stupid? 

Or was Hedy too smart? 

Hedy started to walk the fourth lap. 

In the middle of the walk, two students pushed the king to admit defeat and left in shame. 

Chapter 29 She Was Going to Fight Jackson 

Sun led the students in Class 7 to applaud vigorously, looking excited. 

Hedy was awesome! 

She was winning when she was playing against 19 players! 

During the fifth lap, six students surrendered. 

During the sixth lap, there were only seven opponents left. 

Every time Hedy walked around, there would be several opponents surrendering. 

The only thing that remained the same was that her speed was still very fast! 

The faster she was, the slower her opponents looked! 

In the end, Hedy sat by the table in the inner circle with folded arms, waiting for the few remaining opponents to figure out how to parry her attack. 

She looked so cool and ruthless! 

Ten minutes later, Vincent, the only remaining LWHS student, pushed down his king and said in a complicated tone, “I admit defeat.” 

She had an alluring appearance and powerful fighting skills as well as superb chess skills and a clear mind. 

He was no match for Hedy. 

“Wow!!” Students of Lowell High School jumped up from their chairs, cheering. 

Hedy won the 1v19 wheel war! 

She had gotten 19 points for Lowell High School! 

Chapter 28 She Was Going to 

Gloria, Oliver and the others had lost points, but she had won them all back! 

Kelly announced loudly, 

“Now, the scores of the two sides are even. The mentors of two teams, please!” 

The applause was loud. 

Jackson stood up from his chair first, and said with emotion, “I said before that our chess game had changed from the chessboard to students. I didn’t expect it to change from students to the chessboard again.” 

Ronin didn’t answer. 

He didn’t know what to say to his “good friend” who had betrayed him. and humiliated him all the time. 

Seeing Ronin like this, Jackson narrowed his eyes, feeling uneasy. 

Hedy was Ronin’s student. 

She was so strong at such a young age and she must have been taught by Ronin. 

In other words, Ronin had not given up on himself these years, but had become stronger and stronger! 

In this way, the chance of him winning was little. 

No, he couldn’t lose. 

Jackson said in a voice that only the two of them could hear as Ronin brushed past him, “Speaking of which, you haven’t contacted Maggie for a long time, right? 

Chapter 28 She Was Going to Fight Jackson 

“Let me tell you, even though she is fifty years old now, she is still flirtatious in bed every night!” 

Maggie was Ronin’s ex-wife, Jackson’s wife, and Grace’s biological mother. 

These heartbreaking words directly caused Ronin’s body, which was already ruined by alcoholism, to tremble violently. He clutched his chest, fell sideways, and passed out. 

“Oh, what’s the matter?” Jackson pretended to help. 

“School doctor!” Kelly yelled. 

The medical staff rushed to rescue Ronin, “It was a faint caused by shortness of breath and anger.” 

“He looked fine. Why is he angry? What about this match?” Jackson’s face was full of innocence. 

Kelly looked at Ronin, who was unconscious, and then at Jackson, “It can be a…” 

Before he said the word “draw”, Hedy slowly raised her head with folded arms on the chess arena and looked directly at Jackson, “No draw. I’ll play with Jackson.” 

The task given by the system was to win the interschool chess tournament, not a draw. 

And she could read lips. 

She knew all the mean words Jackson had said to Ronin. 

Ronin had spoken up for her. 

Ronin’s daughter Grace had even sold tiramisu to her at a loss and lied 

Chapter 28 She Was Going to Fight. 


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