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The Killer Queen with Multiple Disguises by Novia Ford novel Chapter 30

Chapter 30 She Was Kala 

The forum was all about Hedy again, 

The post asking Hedy to bow to Gloria to apologize before the game was highlighted. 

It was just that the people who commented this time were no longer Gloria’s fans, but the students of Lowell High School. 

“If we lost, it must be Hedy who is holding back, okay?” 

“Isn’t it Gloria who is holding back? And the rest of the participating students including Oliver.”” 

“If it wasn’t for Hedy, Lowell High School would have lost.” 

“Hedy is stronger than Chess Master Jackson, so Gloria is indeed not qualified to play against Hedy!” 

At the same time, Hedy’s number of votes in the school belle rankings had skyrocketed, and there was a faint momentum of sprinting for first place. 

Gloria’s vote growth was almost zero, 

The forum was filled with praise and shock for Hedy. 

Hedy herself didn’t know it. She was cleaning the table in the dessert shop with a calm expression. 

Grace was busy working too. 

Ronin had woken up, sitting in the shop and watching Hedy in a daze. 

Chapter 30 She Was Kala 

He was very happy when he learned that Jackson’s two requests for a draw had failed and he was ruthlessly defeated by Hedy. 

He felt so refreshed. 

But the Hedy1v19 incident reminded him of someone. 

“Do you know Connor Markus?” Ronin asked Hedy. 

“The world-recognized number one chess player?” Hedy raised her eyebrows. 

She knew this person well. 

“That’s right. It’s him. He made his debut at the age of six and was hailed as a genius chess boy by the outside world. 

“He won the national championship at the age of eighteen, the intercontinental championship at the age of twenty-five, and the world championship at the age of thirty, and had won the championship for 29 consecutive times. 

“Just when everyone thought he would win for the 30th time, a girl appeared. 

“Her name was Kala, a blonde and blue-eyed girl about your age. 

“To catch up with the points, she staged a 1v50 game feast in front of the media and ended with a complete victory, qualifying for the final. 

“In the final, she played with Markus for six hours and finally defeated him to become the new world champion.” 

Ronin looked at Hedy, 

“Your style is very similar to Kala’s. But after that game, Kala didn’t show up again, and Markus was found drowned in the hotel bathtub 

Chapter 30 She Was 

the next day. 

“Foreign media speculated that he couldn’t bear the blow and committed suicide.” 

“No.” Hedy straightened her back, and put on a smile, “I killed him.” 

She was Kala. 

The blond hair and blue eyes were a disguise, and the purpose of her participating in the competition was to get close to the cautious and proud Markus. 

As a world champion, he was glamorous on the surface, but he had secretly done many dirty and shady things. 

Someone had paid for his life, and she took the order. 

That was all. 

“This joke is not funny at all.” Ronin’s mouth twitched slightly. 

The result of the police investigation was suicide. How could it be homicide? 

It was even less likely that Hedy who was far away in the USA killed him. 

Hedy didn’t reply and continued to wipe the table. 

At this time, Vincent walked in from the outside and went to the counter to order food. 

Grace hurried out to receive him. 

“I want a cup…” Vincent looked at the menu and slowly fixed his eyes on Hedy, whose back was turned to him. 

Chapter 30 She Was 

The innocence and shyness in his eyes were completely seen by Grace. 

Grace raised her eyebrows. 

The mayor’s son took a fancy to Hedy, right? 

Good eye! 

Not long after ordering, Hedy came to Vincent with dessert. 

“Well… may I have…” The boy stuttered, and he couldn’t even utter the words “your phone number”. 

His heart was pounding and he was blushing. 

“Do you want the contact information of our shop so that you can order in advance and avoid queuing up, right?” Grace came over, winked at Vincent, and helped Vincent smooth things over. 

“Huh?” Vincent looked confused. 

No, he wanted Hedy’s contact information… 

“Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my mobile phone. Why don’t you ask for Hedy’s phone member directly? She is an employee of the shop. You can just talk to her.” Grace chuckled secretly. 

Hedy’s family was poor, which could be seen from the ordinary clothes she usually wore and the knockoff phone she used. 

But Vincent’s temperament, appearance, and family background were all good. If the two could be together, it would be a good thing. 

“Okay, okay!” Vincent took out his mobile phone and didn’t dare to look at Hedy. 

Hedy didn’t think much. She gave him her phone number and 

45 54% 

Chapter 30 She Was Kala 


continued to work. 

While enjoying dessert, Vincent pretended to pay attention to Hedy casually. 

This scene was seen by Preston in the opposite building. 

His polite smile disappeared, and a trace of irritability suddenly appeared on his face. 

The person opposite who was talking about cooperation with him was shocked. 

Had he just said something that offended Childe King? 

It was getting dark. 

Hedy returned to the King Family villa. Before entering the door, she smelled cake 1. 

When she walked in, she saw that Preston was eating a delicious chocolate cake elegantly. 

To tell the truth, she was tempted. 

Although the desserts in Grace’s shop were not bad in taste, they were not as good as Preston’s. 

To be precise, she had never tasted a better cake than the one made by Preston in her previous life. 

Who would have thought that the heir of the King’s Family could make such a good dessert? 

“Do you want to eat?” Preston put down the plate containing the cake and asked in a low voice, 


Chapter 30:She Was 

Hedy nodded quickly. The calmness in her eyes was replaced by anticipation. 


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