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The Killer Queen with Multiple Disguises by Novia Ford novel Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Livestreaming Warm-up 

With Hedy around, Sun was invincible in the game. 

Hedy was responsible for killing, and Sun was responsible for collecting spoils. 

The game quickly came to the final round. 

When the two were about to win, Hedy’s hot phone froze, and the game crashed with a black screen. 

Sun froze.. 

He had been ready to celebrate! 

The students of Class 7 watching around froze. 

They enjoyed it so much! 

When the class bell rang, Hedy sat back in her seat with a calm expression. 

In the back row, Sun opened BiTu Gaming, went to Hedy’s homepage, and left a five-star review, pretending to be a random user, “She is awesome with first-class marksmanship and superb skills. I’ve conquered the main city with her help. The price is only 3 dollars a round. It’s a great bargain! 

He was not a random user, but Hedy was a real master. He did not lie! 

Hedy’s phone vibrated immediately. 

Seeing Sun’s comment, she thought for a moment and changed her 

Chupter 33 Livestreaming Warm up 

nickname suflix, “Hedy/3 dollars a round. I won’t charge you if you don’t win. ‘ 

If she wanted to become the best female escort and get more picks, she first needed to increase her popularity. 

Only when her popularity increased would more people pick her. 

She knew clearly about it, so she deliberately added the words “I won’t charge you if you don’t win” to attract more attention. 

With her good skills, her popularity would eventually rise. 

The course of the day ended at sunset. 

When school was over, Hedy was not in a hurry to leave. 

Leaning against the wall, she frowned and looked at the BiTu Gaming notification on her phone. 

Except for the students in Class 7, no one had come to order or ask her. 

It was strange. 

If things went on like this, whether she could enter the top 200 would be a question, let alone being selected as the best female escort player. 

“Is no one ordering Hedy?” Sun leaned over, feeling unhappy. 

Hedy was so strong and affordable. Why was there no boss to order 


Hedy didn’t understand either. 

Sun sounded puzzled, “Theoretically speaking, female escort players are very popular, more popular than male escort players. 

Chapter 33 Livestreaming Warm-up 

There were more boys playing games than girls and everyone wanted to play with girls. 

“Hedy’s price is affordable, and it also writes, ‘I won’t charge you if you don’t win’. She shouldn’t be ignored… I’ll go and see how other escort girls introduce themselves.” 

He opened BiTu Gaming to find female escort players to play with. 

He found that the competition was so fierce! 

“Doo Doo/Sweetest in Milky Way, talk too much but not cold, wait for the boss 24 hours” 

“Sexy Kitten/Nice voice, single, flirtable, with accounts in the whole region” 

“Baby Joy / technical female escort player, good at Rap music” 

“Sexy Girl / Charming voice. Do you want to be my slave?” 

Sun silently put down his phone, 

“Hedy, are you playing as an escort player to earn pocket money? If you are short of money, we can lend you some.” 

Compared with this group of female escorts, Hedy could only be described as “honest”. 

Most of them were not skilled enough, so they could only enjoy the gender bonus and use other specialties to attract the bosses. 

The bosses liked these tricks. After all, they didn’t expect the girls to play with them to win. 

The formation of this concept was mainly due to the fact that there were too few awesome female players. 

Chapter 33 Livestreaming Warm up 

Compared with ‘competitive games, female players generally preferred development games, and few of them were good at competitive games. 

Even Sun, who usually played with escort players, also played with male ones, hoping that these male escort players would help him win. 

The role of female escort players was usually to show off their cuteness, talk coquettishly, and sing to make the bosses happy. 

Hedy was not that type of person. 

So she was not suitable for the profession of “escort player”. 

“My goal is to become the best female escort player.” Hedy rolled her eyes slightly. 

She was trying to complete the trial mission, not for the money. 

“In this case, it’s not enough to have the votes of Class 7. Even if all Lowell High School students vote for you, it won’t be enough.” Sun paced back and forth. 

What Hedy was facing was a larger game circle, not as simple as a school. 

The number of people at Lowell High School was just a drop in the bucket for this circle. 

Hedy had to be popular, very popular. 

He was going to help Hedy. 

Sun thought hard for a long time. He suddenly thought of something, and said in an excited tone, “I have a solution! 

“My cousin and I have a very good relationship. He is also a player of Call of Duty. He is currently live streaming on Bigo Live and he’s very 

Chapter 3) Livestreaming Warm-up 


“I’ll ask him to play two games with Hedy so that the audience in his live streaming room could see Hedy’s strength. 

“At that time, everyone will know how powerful Hedy is!” 

Hedy’s strength was beyond doubt. She was only one chance away from being exposed! 

“Thank you.” Hedy stopped frowning. 

This was indeed a good idea. 

As far as she knew, Bigo Live was the most famous live streaming platform in the USA. 

“You’re welcome! I’m going to talk to my cousin, and I’ll contact you if there is any news! And…” Sun waved goodbye, “Hedy, if you don’t have a computer to play Call of Duty at home, we’ll give you a new phone. Your knockoff phone will scare the bosses away! 

If the game crashed and quit halfway, which boss could bear it? 

“I’ve got a computer.” There was a spare computer in the King Family room, which she could borrow and use. 

“Okay…” The plan of giving her a mobile phone fell through, and Sun left with a sigh. 

Hedy was less indifferent to them, but they were still not close enough. 

At Mille Villa, a young man was sitting in front of a computer, wearing headphones and interacting with bullet screens, “Guys, I will do something very interesting tonight!” 

He was Sun Miller’s cousin Ace Miller. 


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