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Turning Of The Tide (Natalie and Trevon) novel Chapter 22

Chapter 22 

The hospital was always the busiest place, and it was where one could see what human nature was like. There were people coming and going in the wards, corridors, and halls. There were old, young, and sick people with their companions. Some of them were crying, some were silent, and some had smiles on their faces. 

It had been almost three years since she graduated, and her heart was no longer as sensitive as when she first left school. At that time, even time she saw someone pitiful, she would cry along with them. 

There were too many helpless moments and accidents in the world, and she didn’t have time to sympathize. 

In the adult world, there was never an easy way to choose, so being able to turn a mess into a beautiful day was already good enough. 

Sherri was afraid of disturbing Natalie’s consultation, so she took the medicine and went to her own office for a while. At this time, everyone was in the outpatient department or in surgery, and the office was empty. 

She waited until it was close to dinner time before getting up and going. to the outpatient department to have a meal with Natalie and complain about last night’s unpleasantness. 

Sherri directly pushed open the door to her best friend’s outpatient room. There were no patients, and Natalie was taking off her white coat, getting ready to eat. 

When Natalie saw Sherri enter, she stopped what she was doing, sat back at her desk, and asked in a hurry, “You finally showed up. If you didn’t, I was going to call the police. Where did you sleep last night?” 

Jim told Natalie that “Mr. Roberts” had arranged everything, but she didn’t know who “Mr. Roberts” was. At this moment, she really wanted to know where Sherri was last night. 

Sherri, exhausted, slumped on the desk and casually tossed the medical records to Natalie, indicating that she was sick. 

Natalie skeptically took the medical records and was surprised by what the doctor had written. She asked, “What happened to you? I called in sick for you today, and you really went all out. You don’t have to be so convincing, do you?” 

Chapter 29 

Continuing to read the medical records, Natalie said, “Muscle strain. What were you doing last night? What’s wrong with your mouth?” She was completely confused. 

Sherri, half-dead, spoke up. “Please give me some soup. I’m starving,” she said slowly, propping up her cheek. 

These past few days, she hadn’t been able to eat anything good, so soup was her only choice. 

“What a tasteless life!” Sherri mourned inwardly. 

Natalie looked at her friend’s pale face and said, “Hmm, I’ll get you some. 

But first, tell me what happened to your mouth.” She paused for a moment and added, “Do you want some meat in it?” 

“Yeah, sure,” Sherri replied. 

Just as Natalie took out her phone from her pocket, she saw a friend. request notification. She was a bit puzzled because not many people knew her WhatsApp ID. 

Seeing Natalie’s furrowed brow, Sherri asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong?” 

“Somebody tried to friend me,” Natalie replied, not paying much. attention. She simply swiped it away and continued to open the takeout app to search for “soup”. 

Sherri nervously pinched her ear and said in a wavering voice, “Natalie, I need to tell you something.” 

“Hmm, go ahead,” Natalie said, still looking down and searching for a 


“Just accept the friend request, please. The person who’s trying to friend you is Hackett,” Sherri said, feigning a pitiful expression, afraid that Natalie would refuse. 

Only then did Natalie look up at Sherri, her gaze making Sherri feel 


It seemed that at this moment, she was saying, “Go ahead and explain yourself. I’m waiting.” 

“Fine, I’d better tell her the truth,” Sherri thought. She hesitated for a moment and then said, “Well, last night, I got drunk, and Hackett took 

Chapin 21 

me home. But I swear, nothing happened. I just slept in the living room. We’re not interested in each other at all, so nothing really happened. And you know, I always want to blow up balloons when I’m drunk. He bought me 500 balloons for that, and I blew up 250. That’s why my mouth is like this. But this damn guy filmed me and threatened to release the video. unless I give him your contact information. So, Natalie, can you forgive me?” She pouted, propping up her cheek. 

Natalie was completely speechless. She wondered what Sherri had done. last night, and at this moment, she didn’t care about friending Hackett or not. Instead, she wondered how Hackett had gone through last night. 

At this moment, Natalie felt a bit of sympathy for the so-called Mr. Blackwell. She wondered if he was still alive. 

“So last night, you were acting crazy at Hackett’s house but he didn’t kick. you out of his house.” 

“Are you my best friend or what? You left me behind last night and didn’t even take me home. And then you sold me out.” 

Sherri added, “I was forced by the situation, you know? I had no choice. Besides, it’s not like you’re single! When he finds out that Mr. Wilson is your husband, he’ll know that he has made a big mistake.” After saying this, she realized that she had unintentionally tricked Hackett. She chuckled to herself. 

“Hey, girl, it was me who stopped you from drinking last night. I ended up getting drunk too, and I have no idea how I got home.” 

Natalie was eager to ask what happened to Sherri in the morning, without asking Jim how she got back. But then she thought it might not be appropriate to ask him. If Trevon found out that she was not well-behaved after getting drunk, she might be labeled as someone with loose morals. 

“Forget it,” Natalie thought. Nothing happened to her anyway, so she 

didn’t ask. 

“That was strange. Don’t you usually fall asleep right after drinking? Don’t you remember who took you home last night? Should I ask Mr. Blackwell for you?” Sherri asked. 

“Are you two really that close now?” Natalie asked. 

Sherri replied nonchalantly, “Just a relationship based on threats and 

Chapter 22 

being threatened.” 

Natalie said, “You’ve got a lot of nerve, girl.” 

Because of Sherri’s situation, Natalie accepted the friend request. 

At the same time, Hackett, who felt wronged last night, insisted on bringing Frank to the Wilson Group to seek comfort from Trevon. 

Compared to other companies, the Wilson Group’s recruitment process was much stricter. Besides emphasizing education, they also considered height, appearance, and character. 

Therefore, the secretaries in the Secretary department were like a PR team, with an average height of 5 feet and 5 inches and none of them. weighed over 110 pounds. They were curvaceous and pleasing to the Every time Hackett came in, he would get envious and ask Trevon how he found such a team of beautiful women who could rival celebrities. 

He would also often mock Trevon, saying he had a harem of three thousand beauties. 


A man dressed in a black suit sat gracefully in the boss chair. His well-defined fingers reached for a cigarette from the box and lit it, instantly enveloping himself in a cloud of smoke, blurring the contours of his attractive features. 

Even Hackett had to admit that this man was really charming. 

Trevon took a puff at his cigarette and lifted his chin slightly to signal. Hackett. “What do you want?” 

Frank also lit a cigarette and lazily leaned back on the sofa, casually handing one to Hackett. 

Hackett trembled as he reached out to take it, which caught Frank’s attention. 

Frank teased, “Miss Landor didn’t solve your problem last night, so you took matters into your own hands?” He remembered how the two of them kissed each other affectionately in the car. 

“Don’t tell me that you did nothing all night,” Frank thought. “Or what did you do? Staring at the ceiling and chatting? That’s not like you, Hackett.” 

Hackett tremblingly took the cigarette that Frank had helped light and held it in his mouth. He completely ignored Frank’s question. 


With a tone of resentment, he said, “Mr. Wilson, you’ve gone too far. You took away my girl and left me with that jinx. Do you know what I went through last night? It was unforgettable.” 

Trevon looked at Hackett’s trembling hand with interest and was curious. about what he did last night. “Did you have too much sex with her and break your arms, or are you just not able to get an erection anymore?” 


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