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Turning Of The Tide (Natalie and Trevon) novel Chapter 8

Chapter 8

An unpleasant odor lingered in the entire villa, and Trevon’s beautiful brows remained furrowed

Be headed straight to the master bedroom. He was pleasantly surprised that Natalie had voluntarily stayed in the guest


After taking a shower, Trevon left the Adare Manor. The smell was too unbearable for him to fall asleep, so he drove back to his villa in the middle of the night.

Natalie had no idea of Trevon’s leaving. She slept soundly while hugging a photo of her and her grandfather

Time went by. All things that were difficult to let go of would eventually fade away.

Natalie woke up early the next day and rode her motorcycle to work. She bought a sandwich and coffee from a roadside


Today, she dressed casually in wide–leg jeans, a sweater, and a beige coat, looking like a fresh–faced college student. In short.. she looked pure and innocent.

“Are you not taking a few more days off? Can your body handle it?” Sherri had been gossiping at the front desk early in the morning.

“Mrs. Wilson, are you okay?” the nurse at the front desk asked with concern.

Natalie shrugged. “It’s okay. I’m back to full health. I’m not that fragile.”

Sherri knew Natalie didn’t like talking about her emotions. “Okay, hurry up and eat your breakfast. Time to work soon. Remember to share any gossip next time!”

The two gossipy receptionists made an “OK” gesture and happily got to work

Natalie munched on her sandwich with one hand and held her coffee with the other. She quipped. “You wake up early just to share gossip. You’re wasting your talent by not becoming an entertainment journalist”

As there was more than half an hour before the start of work. Sherri followed Natalie into the office. “Isn’t this teaching them that sharing joy is better than enjoying it alone?”

Natalie rolled her eyes. They chatted for 20 minutes before Sherri went back to her department.

Natalie opened her computer and started receiving patients, treating every patient in high spirits.

It was almost 10 o’clock when she was done with consultation for about 10 patients. Out of a sudden, the door of her clinic was kicked open forcefully. Natalie was startled by it as she was fully focused on her patient then.

Natalie calmed down quickly when she had a good look at the person who came in. She initially thought the intruder wanted to cause a scene for medical reasons and so she asked indifferently, “Are you here to see a doctor?”

Harry Foster was so angry that he couldn’t even catch his breath. “That damn girl was cursing at me!” he thought.

His face turned purple with anger. The carefree and calm look on Natalie’s face made him madder.

In the morning. he went to a law firm to talk to a lawyer about Barron’s estate instead of going to the company. He gave the lawyer Barron’s death certificate, cremation certificate, and proof of their father–son relationship. But when he went to the inheritance office, he discovered that all of Barron’s property had been given to his daughter, whom he didn’t like

This was unacceptable to Harry Foster. Just the 20 percent shares of the Foster Group were a ticking time bomb. With such a quantity, one could enter the board of directors. How could he accept it?

Unfortunately, his father despised him. Since his ex–wife’s death. Barron Foster had forbidden him from entering the Foster’s residence, making it impossible for him to persuade Barron to write a will. He could only wait for Barron’s death to

inherit legally. However, his foolish father did not leave him anything and transferred everything to Natalie’s name instead.

What infuriated him further was that the lawyer told him that Barron had written and notarized his will more than 10 years ago. The signing of documents yesterday was just a formality.

In this way, there was no automatic inheritance for him. He had to make Natalie voluntarily give it up.

He had already been to the Foster’s residence in the morning. The servants said Natalie had moved out, and they didn’t know where she had moved to.

Perhaps because of the commotion, many patients and nurses had gathered at the door. Harry left in a rage, seeing that the situation was turning unfavorable for him.


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