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Turning Of The Tide (Natalie and Trevon) novel Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Lithern Club was the gathering place for young people, the rich, and the famous at night to enjoy themselves.

Around 10 PM was the beginning of Athana’s exciting nightlife.

The bar was full of people, and the dance floor was full of all kinds of men and women swaying and twirling to the music, and the ambiguous atmosphere was spread out on the dance floor.

This was the birthplace of many sexual encounters.

On the VIP seat on the second floor, the man was holding a cigarette between his fingers and leaning half against the leather sofa, languidly watching the scene of luxury and dissipation in the first floor’s lobby. His black suit was taken off, and the two buttons at the collar of his white shirt were open. His sleeves were half pulled up, revealing a cold and fair–skinned complexion. His dark blue watch flickered under the light, and the thick smoke blurred his cold face.

He tapped his fingertips on the desktop repeatedly while his lips parted lightly. “Frank, you have such a good business this night!”

Frank Roberts and Trevon were lifelong friends with similar natures. They both were very cold, handsome, and abstinent.

Frank’s parents‘ generation started a business that fell between legitimate and illegitimate. However, with the progress of the times, the kind of business had slowly weakened, and it had become difficult to do. So, after Frank took over his family’s business, he slowly turned it into a legitimate business.

It was also because of Trevon’s support that he could move into the legitimate business so quickly and made his family one of the four prominent families in Athana..

Trevon was Frank’s friend and also his benefactor.

“Only barely survive.” Frank replied succinctly.

Trevon was not surprised by Frank’s answer. He knew Frank was cold and had no good words when he talked to others. Frank’s response already showed that he respected him..

“Holy shit. Frank, you’re courting envy on this. I’d have to sell several suites to make the profit you’re making this night.” The disgruntled man was Hackett Blackwell, the only son of the real estate magnate in Athana. He was also Trevon’s childhood friend and brother.

Trevon curled his thin lips while raising his head to drink up a glass of wine. Frank did not pay any attention to Hackett’s discontent.

Looking at his extremely handsome brother, Hackett could not help but tease, “How is your married life? Are you satisfied with your wife’s figure? Don’t tell me you didn’t touch her on your wedding night.”

Trevon rolled his eyes at him. He was speechless for what was in Hackett’s mind. “We’ll get divorced in three months, and we already signed the agreement last night.”

Frank had no different expression from beginning to end, calmly and freely smoking the cigarette.

Hackett could understand Trevon. How could a person like Trevon be willing to be manipulated? Let alone being used by a woman he had no feelings with.

Hackett was wondering which woman could conquer Trevon in one day.

Hackett continued. “Hey, Trevon. Is your wife beautiful? If she’s pretty, you can keep her for enjoyment. Having a wife at home doesn’t stop you from hooking up with women outside.”

Hackett did not know that much later, he would make himself want to slap himself for that comment.

Trevon’s mind flashed back to last night when the woman had handed him the agreement. The woman’s face was exquisite,

Chapter 9

and those sultry eyes were so seductive that he couldn’t resist looking at them one more time. The delicate red lips of the woman were very attractive, especially her slender waist under the shade of her back when she went upstairs. It was as if he could hold her slim waist with only one of his hands.

Frank’s lips curled into a tiny smile.

Looking at Trevon’s expression, Hackett said, “Tsk, tsk, tsk. I can tell from your expression that she is very beautiful. You are really ruthless and ascetic. You can actually force such a beautiful woman to sign the agreement.”

“Do you think I’m you? You’re so promiscuous, and your mind is full of thoughts about having sex with women. You only know to indulge yourself every day.”

“You’ll make me think you’re trying to keep yourself for my cousin, Mia.”

Trevon curved his lips coldly. He did not explain the words he said just now. He crossed his legs casually and said in a cold. voice, “Frank, arrange a woman for me.”

Frank said. “Hmm.”

Frank understood what kind of woman Trevon wanted and what role the woman would play.

He looked down and sent a message on his phone.

Hackett was surprised and said, “Trevon, are you serious? You’re planning to cheat on your wife in marriage?”

Trevon replied, “So what? What can she do to me? She’s only my legal wife, not my acknowledged wife.”

Hackett thought to himself, “That’s very Trevon. That’s absolutely what Trevon would say on such an occasion.”

Frank was very efficient.

Ten minutes later, the manager of the Lithern Club arrived on the second floor with the Lithern Club’s headliner. “Mr. Roberts, Lily is here.”

Lily was the headliner of Lithern Club. She was an entertainer but did not offer sexual services. Many people wanted to pay a high price to have sex with her but failed.

She was the target of many gentry and wealthy young men, but she had Frank’s protection. So, she was a virgin until now.

Rare things were precious, and the more unattainable things were, the more people wanted to get them. As a result, Lily’s value became higher and higher, and more people came to admire her. Frank was very smart, and he made good use of

As the headliner here, Lily came into contact with many kinds of characters every day, and naturally, she had heard of Mr. Wilson’s name. She knew that he had legendary powerful means, was bloodthirsty and ruthless, and was a complex character to deal with. Lily was somewhat nervous when facing him.

“Mr. Wilson,” she said, standing respectfully.


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