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Twins and Ex-wife novel Chapter 11

Preston pinched the card in his pocket secretly; someone put 50 thousand dollars in there last night. You took something from people; you would have to return the favor. He had to make Freya go away today.

Preston pushed up the gold-rimmed glasses on his face, "Is there some misunderstanding?" He coyly asked.

"Misunderstanding?!" The woman gave a full-on display of her vicious nature, she jumped stomped. "She slept with my husband, what is there to misunderstand?!"

The woman turned around and shouted in the direction of the stairs, "Victor, come here, is this the woman?"

Summoned by his wife, Victor walked towards her from the stairs, he had a look of submissiveness, and he looked up and gave Freya a look, then looked down again immediately.

"Yes. It's her. I'm sorry, I know I'm wrong; I would never do it again. I was just not in my head, and got distracted by her! She kept harassing me, and I didn't..."

Victor's voice became weaker and weaker as if he really did something with Freya.

Preston acted like he really cared. "Freya, how can you do this?"

Freya didn't say anything at this point, she looked at Preston with clear eyes, what he said clearly indicated that he believed she had done something bad, that she's a homewrecker. Being stared at by Freya, Preston felt guilty out of nowhere, his gaze shifted slightly.

Freya caught the change of his expression clearly, she sneered in her heart, and maybe Preston was also receiving a bribe from someone else.

As soon as the thought flashed through Freya's head, she saw Alisha walking towards her, hugging Kieran's arm.

She immediately understood, Alisha was so hot-headed, she just got back, and Alisha just couldn't wait to kick her out.

That's a shame, really, Freya thought, she's not going down without a fight.

What she didn't account for is that Kieran was with Alisha, she somehow thought Alisha's arm on Kieran was kind of mocking.

Freya looked away from Alisha and Kieran; she looked at Preston, with a leveled attitude, "Dr. Fisher, I don't even know these two people. There is no evidence, and they just tarnished my name, I would not just sit here and let them do this."

"If they could just smear me without any proof, I could also say that they are both murderers, that they should get arrested."

"You!" The woman was speechless after hearing Freya's words. She had to take a break before continuing her tantrum.

"I don't care! You seduced my husband! The hospital has to deal with this, you need to fire her!"

Alisha and Kieran also heard the commotion; Alisha knew that the little show she designed had begun. She tugged Kieran's arm feigning confusion.

"The person in the front kind of looked like Freya."

She observed Kieran's expression when she was saying it, however, Kieran is completely expressionless, and she couldn't read him.

Yesterday, Alisha had someone follow Freya after learning she's back; they told her Freya had met with Kieran.

Alisha was afraid that Kieran would know about what happened back then, she was trying everything she could to drive Freya away. Of course, the best would be making her look worse in front of him as well.

Alisha continued to try to destroy Freya's image. "Freya has done it again; she stole someone's husband again! When she was in school, she liked to be a homewrecker. She was caught many times and even got beaten by the wives, after so many times she still didn't know how to behave."


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