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Twins and Ex-wife novel Chapter 15

Hearing that Kieran's sick, Freya couldn't help but shudder. She was afraid that his condition would be very bad, and she no longer cared about eating hot pot anymore. She took the medicine box and hurried to Kieran's mansion next door.

Just like last time, by the time Freya was there, Fabian was already waiting outside.

As soon as he saw Freya, Fabian greeted her with a limp, and his eyes were disguisedly anxious, "Dr. Stahler, Fitz's condition seems to be very bad, he said his chest is sore. I've heard of stomachache, backache, leg ache, but never heard of chestache. What do you say; Fitz should not be suffering from some kind of terminal disease, right?"


Freya frowned slightly, she studied medicine for so many years, this is also the first time she has ever heard the word chestache.

Without seeing Kieran, Freya did not dare to jump to conclusions, she glanced at Fabian, "Mr. Fitzgerald is in the room, right? I'll go and see him."

Kieran was in the study, he did not turn on the lights, most of his body shrouded in darkness, his silhouette is perfect as a statue, the elegance he was born with, even if he does not speak, he had this authority over others, from a distance, he looked like the king of the dark world.

Seeing Freya standing at the door of the study, Kieran froze slightly, "Why did you come over?"

"I asked Dr. Stahler to come here!"

Fabian turned on the light in the study and looked at Kieran with a worried expression, "Fitz, don't you have chestache? Hurry up and let Dr. Stahler see it! Chestache is so rare, let us wish it was not something serious!"

"Yeah, Mr. Fitzgerald, let me take a look for you.”Freya put the medicine box on Kieran's desk, "I'll feel your pulse first."

Kieran hesitated for a while, but after thinking about it, he still extended his hand to Freya.

When her fingers touched Kieran's skin, Freya felt as if she was electrocuted, and she could feel her face burn instantly.

Countless beautiful pictures began to play tricks in her mind again. She took a deep breath and kept telling herself that doctors should treat patients like normal. Her fingers were not so trembling anymore.

Kieran's pulse was similar to the last time. It was strong and vigorous, with a strong heartbeat and smooth blood flow, and there was no sign of inflammation. He should be very healthy.

Freya retracted her hand and planned to learn more about his condition, "Mr. Fitzgerald, can you elaborate on your condition? When did you start to feel chestache? Are there any other symptoms besides chestache? "

She didn't know if she was seeing things, but she saw Kieran's handsome face slightly blushed like he was shy.

Seeing that Kieran didn't speak, Fabian couldn't help but feel anxious, "Fitz, hurry up! If you were terminally ill, your parents would come and kill me!"

There was obvious confusion in Kieran's eyes. His eyes were as deep and vast as the sea, and they could almost suck people's souls into them.

After being silent for a long time, his two thin lips moved, and the voice he had was deep and magnetic like the tone of a cello, "Seeing a woman intimate with another man makes my chest hurt. Well, I may be sick."


Freya couldn't help but burst into laughter.

She thought that Kieran had some serious illness, but unexpectedly, he was just jealous!

Mr. Fitzgerald didn't even know how to be jealous, and it's too... Innocent, right?!

Fabian's face was also a bit interesting. When Kieran came back, he called him to eat. He said his chest was sore and he had no appetite. He thought he had some serious illness. After all this commotion, he was jealous!


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