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Twins and Ex-wife novel Chapter 17

"Little Darling, you are so beautiful. Come on, let me love you!"

And with that, Mr. Thompson walked over to Freya.

Freya put all her strength into it, and she rolled over and Mr. Thompson didn't get anything.

Mr. Thompson wasn't angry, either; he just put his hand on her shoulder and immobilized her.

Freya, of course, didn't want him to succeed, she's struggling, when she was abroad, she learned a few self-defense tricks, it was more than enough to deal with ordinary men, but now, she's been injected with something, she can't even move her body, her strength now, it's no match to Mr. Thompson's.

"Get Away! Get Away from me!"

Freya kicked and punched Mr. Thompson, but her punches were like cotton since she didn't really have any strength.

Looking at the disgusting smile on Mr. Thompson's face, Freya's heart was in a panic. Was she really going to let this disgusting man win tonight?!

No! She would never be destroyed like this!!

She clenched her teeth and concentrated all her strength on her leg.

She bent her knees and struck him unceremoniously.


Mr. Thompson let out a murderous scream as he winced in pain, and it took him a while to regain his voice after calming down.

He stepped forward and slapped Freya hard in the face, "Bitch, how you dare kick me! I'm going to kill you, you just wait and see."

Mr. Thompson's slap was so hard that Freya's lips were bursting and oozing blood, she couldn't care less about the pain on her face, she saw a glass on the bedside table, she grabbed it and smashed it on Mr. Thompson's head.

Bright red blood seeped down Mr. Thompson's forehead, staining his eyes blood-red.

He grabbed Freya's hair and stared at her viciously, "Bitch, your father, and your sister, have sold you to me, and you dare not listen to me? Well, since you want it the hard way, don't blame me for going hard on you!"

With that, Mr. Thompson slammed Freya's head against the wall with all his strength.


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