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Twins and Ex-wife novel Chapter 27

Kieran had a pair of deep, dark, predatory and even fierce eyes.

Freya was afraid of pain. Now she was particularly afraid because if Mr. Fitzgerald hit her, her originally scalded wrist would cause her more pain.

What’s more, she knew clearly that her power was weaker than Mr. Fitzgerald’s pinkie’s.

Freya was scared, so she closed her eyes naturally. She thought that a new wave of pain would attack her in the next second. However, unexpectedly, instead of pain, his velvety voice reached her.

He said, “I believe you.”

His voice was as warm as the breeze in Spring.

He believed her.

Freya opened her eyes instantly as she was covered by such a warm voice which she hadn’t felt for a long time. In her whole life, whenever she had some conflicts or quarrels with Alisha and Maximus would never believe her. It was really warm to be trusted.

However, it was a great pity that the one who was willing to believe her was Alisha’s boyfriend.

When Freya signed secretly, Kieran said slowly, “What’s more, I am not Alisha’s boyfriend.”

Kieran finally looked away from Freya’s hand and stared at Linda’s hands coldly. He asked, “Which one of your hands hurt her?”

Linda didn’t understand why Kieran would ask her this question and she lightly moved her right hand in a stiff way.

Kieran’s sight immediately fell on Linda’s right hand. In that instant, Linda felt that her right hand was going to be cut off.

“Cut that hand off.”

Several bodyguards dressed in black rushed in from the outside as they heard the order. They closed and guarded the door of the café, not even allowing a fly in.

Linda found that all other customers except for them had left the café before she noticed. She now began to chatter and shivered because of scare—she couldn’t even call for help since there were all Kieran’s men in the café.

At that time, Fabian limped over with his wounded leg in plaster and said, “Fitz, you are so cruel. How can you cut off her hand?”

Linda couldn’t agree with Fabian more and she looked at him with gratitude, nodding her head heavily.

She thought that Fabian was there to help her, yet his following words almost scared her to death.

“It would be a great waste if we directly cut off her hands. Look at her skin—how smooth and how fair! We should directly throw her into the boiling oil and fry her. It will taste good!”

Linda looked at Fabian with great horror. Were they going to fry her?

It was said that Mr. Fitzgerald was cruel and would eat human meat. Wasn’t that a rumor? Was it true?

Linda instantly kneeled down to Kieran and held his legs tightly and implored, “Mr. Fitzgerald, don’t do that to me! I am Alisha’s most intimate friend. If you do that to me, she will be sad!

“Mr. Fitzgerald, I did the wrong thing! I shouldn’t splash the coffee! I will apologize to her! Please, for Alisha’s sake, spare me for once!”

Kieran kicked her hands away heavily, which made her fall to the ground in dismay.

She wanted to hold Kieran’s legs again and keep on imploring, but he had too powerful and scary an air for her to step forward.


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