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Twins and Ex-wife novel Chapter 4

Looking at Jaden’s eyes, which were ink-black, Alisha seemed to have seen Kieran’s cold eyes. She couldn’t help but shiver. This little boy is only four or five years old. She wondered why he emanated such a threatening aura.

After returning to her senses, Alisha raised her chin and said with a sneer, “You asked me to apologize to Freya Stahler, that b*tch? Dream on!”

Jaden didn’t retort. He showed his phone to Jayla calmly.

Jayla understood and raised the phone, smiling like an adorable lamb. “Ma’am, you must be a celebrity. If I uploaded this video online, would your fans be surprised?”

“You!” Alisha hadn’t expected that. She couldn’t utter any word in anger.

Among the onlookers, someone had recognized Alisha. “A celebrity? She looked familiar. Isn’t she the award-winning actress, Alisha Stahler?”

“Isn’t Alisa Stahler known as the top celebrity in Arkpool City? What a lousy quality!”


Alisha wished to cut Freya into pieces upon hearing the discussions around her. However, to maintain her public image, she faked a smile and held Freya’s shoulders.

“You’ve all misunderstood. Freya is my younger sister. I was kidding with her.”

As she spoke, she hugged Freya warmly. “Welcome home, Freya. Thank you for saving my mother. Sorry about my joke earlier. I’ve gone too far.”

Alisha’s tone was sincere, with a perfect smile. Sure enough, an award-winning actress was reasonably competent.

Freya wasn’t in the mood to act with Alisha here. She pulled Jaden and Jayla to sit in a cab.


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