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Twins and Ex-wife novel Chapter 6

Fabian laughed out when hearing Freya’s words. It seemed Fitz had been disdained by a woman. It was super rare to see.

“Dr. Stahler, you must think twice. Do you really want to disagree with Fitz to pay with his body? Millions of women are drooling at Fitz...”

Freya’s lips twitched. In a hurry, she interrupted Fabian, “I’m sorry. He’s not my style.”

Thinking for a while, Freya turned around and said sincerely to Kieran, “Mr. Fitz, you should change your profession as early as possible. Although you look normal now, if you do that kind of thing too much, you’ll have a health problem sooner or later. You can make easy money by being a gigolo, but health always comes first.”

The most important was that she didn’t hope her children knew their biological father was a gigolo.

“A gigolo?” Fabian burst into laughter after hearing Freya’s words. “Hahaha... Dr. Stahler, did you say Fitz was a gigolo? Hahaha... Yes, he is, indeed. Would you like to buy one night?”

Kieran looked annoyed earlier. Upon hearing Fabian’s words, his handsome face darkened to the extreme.

He glanced at Fabian coldly, and the latter shushed instantly. Kieran looked intensely at Freya, which made Freya’s heart skip a beat.

This man looked too seductive. No wonder those rich women were willing to spend money on him.

Freya swallowed hard. “I’m too poor to afford you,” she said.

Kieran’s eyes became icy. Freya was afraid he would force him. Hence, instead of asking him again for the visit fee, she quickly picked up the medical kit and trotted out of the villa.

Fabian hadn’t got enough kicks from teasing Freya yet. He limped to follow her and yelled, “Dr. Stahler, stop running. Fitz isn’t expensive. You can afford it. Only one buck a night. If it’s still expensive for you, Fitz can give you money instead.”

“Pryce!” Kieran called him with warnings.

Fabian instantly turned around and limped back to the villa with a bright smile. “I’m sorry, Fitz. It’s my bad. I’m getting out of here now.”


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