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Accidental love II novel Chapter 79

"Let's go back." Marcus said suddenly with his low voice.

After the three of them returned to the study, Janice thought for a while and said, "Gavin, thank you so much today. You can go back first."

Gavin responded, "Well, Mrs. Clinton."

After Gavin left the study, Janice walked to the door and looked around, then closed the door tightly, bending down and squatting in front of his wheelchair.

"Marcus, do you want to find out the truth about those things before? It's you who killed them unconsciously or you were framed by someone?"

Janice looked unusually solemn. It seemed that every word had been well thought out. It seemed that she had struggled for a long tom to ask him this question.

Marcus pursed his lips, paused for a few seconds, and then said, "Of course I want."

"If your legs and eyes are healed, will it help to find out the truth sooner?"

After speaking, she felt a little tangled and frowned more tightly.

"Yes." He answered without any hesitation. His voice sounded so charming.

This affirmative answer was a mixed blessing for her. Janice felt heavy.

She looked at his dim eyes, imagining what the world he saw with her eyes would be like.

"Marcus, if someone is willing to donate the cornea, you must accept it."

When she said this, she felt so sad.

"Okay." Marcus answered concisely. His low and sexy voice was full of the masculine taste of a gentleman.

"As for your legs, I will massage for you every day so that you can stand up soon." Janice deliberately said calmly, but tears gradually filled into her eyes.

Marcus felt so warm. He asked with a smile.

"Janice, why are you so good to me?" His tone was gentle to the extreme, "I said, you can leave whenever you find true love."

However, as soon as he finished speaking, he felt heartbroken. His hands on the armrest of the wheelchair tightened involuntarily.

"I will ask you one last question."


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