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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 169

Jason heard of the fact that Nicole’s DNA didn’t match with her birth parents’ by accident.


Actually, it had nothing to do with him, while it was concerned with Nicole. He also got involved in it.


“lcan make use of some connections to search for Nicole's families with the same DNA by extending the scope of DNA Bank, 

which might contribute to some clues.”


Samuel's eyes were red, which was obviously caused by poor sleep.


Overcoming the jealousy in his heart, Samuel nodded , “Sorry to bother you, Jason.”


“It's okay. What I do is also to find Nicole as soon as possible. Have you got any news of her in America?”


Samuel shook his head.


The missing of Nicole and Lucas was like the load of two great mountains resting on his breast.


He couldn't forgive himself.


The Seapolis City was his own domain. However, Nicole's disappearance made Samuel simply want to die by knocking 

against the wall.


He went out of the police station with Jason.


Dad Bush and Ms. Bush were still in shock, keeping inquiring whether the police had made a mistake. But how could it be a mistake?


Both of them were sending to the Bush Family for the time being, who were bound to be sleepless.


Seeing Samuel droop, Jason suddenly said, “let's go out for a drink?”


Samuel shook his head and said, “I cannot drink. I'm going to fly to America to have an operation in a while.”


“What operation?”


Jason thought that something was wrong with Samuel's health.


Samuel whispered, “Never mind. Just a minor operation, don't worry.”


Jason would not acknowledge the fact that he was concerned about Samuel.


He always thought Samuel was a heartless man in the past, for he had never seen Samuel were relatively close to anyone. 


His rumored affair with Riley had been spread widely and terribly. Besides, he started making out with Nicole not long after she came back, which also made Jason consider him a capricious man.


However, with the two experiences, Jason figured out that maybe he was wrong to think in this way.


Samuel loved Nicole deeply and this love even surpassed everything. He wouldn't believe that it was merely the love at first 



It could be said that Jason fell for Nicole on their first meeting. But there would be some differences if he were Samuel to do 

this for Nicole and Lucas.


Thinking of the relationship between Lucas and Samuel and countless ties between Nicole and Samuel, Jason lit a cigarette, asked, “How did you make acquaintance with Nicole?”


'‘Why do you want to know about that?”


Samuel also felt like smoking.


To be honest, he had been anxious for being narcotized by nicotine since Nicole and Lucas got lost. But he was a solo man at present with Zoe and Joseph by his side.


Jason took a deep breath, “Probably I will let go if you let me know your past.”


“You will have no chance!”


Samuel kept very calm.


If he had gotten a choice, he would rather Nicole had been adored by the crowd instead of no news from her.


Jason could get angry when hearing these words if it was in the past. But now he didn't have too much anger. It seemed as if Nicole's missing had taken away all their mood.


Jason had a hard time with such an inane feeling.


Jason considered himself a little strange. Even though he didn’t have much contact with Nicole, he still felt familiar with her in 

a way. Such a feeling made him unable to let go of his feelings for her.


He couldn't forget such an ethereal feeling when he saw Nicole came out from the studio of his elder brother called Xander.


That kind of feeling she brought to him was extremely similar to what his elder brother had brought to him.


Jason thought he missed his elder brother too much.


There was an age gap among the four Don brothers. Since Jason's father passed away a long time ago, Xander took up an important part in his life.


It was Xande who taught him to behave himself, to join the Army, to be an indomitable man, and to brave the wind and waves for the honor of the country.


Though he grew up now, Xander had gone.


Not until the moment when observing Nicole came out of the studio, did he come to realize that

his elder brother was a talented and romantic scholar in the past, but for the doctrine of the Don Family, he became a martyr and general who had given up the pen for the sword.

Jason was depressed suddenly.

He whispered, "I will definitely find Nicole!”

“Thank you.”


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