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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 203

Nicole told Samuel about Night Elf Empire.


He was astonished.


"Do you mean Vincent is still alive? Do I have an uncle? Are he and my father twins?”


He could not image the Green Family with such a complicated background.


Nicole nodded, "That's what your mom said. And giving me this ring meant giving me Night Elf Empire. Also, she told me Lucas was taken away by Vincent.”


"Lucas was taken away from Vincent?"


Samuel was in shock.


"To protect Lucas? Or he has other plans?”


Nicole gave a sigh and told Samuel that Lucas was elected as successor of Night Elf Empire.


Samuel said in a low voice, "No wonder I can't find the news of Lucas and mom's attitude to him was different. I have always 

wondered how indifferent she was to Lucas.


Now it turns out that mom did it for a specific purpose. Mom had suffered so much these years.”


"Yes, it was meant to be a joint undertaking. Since dad died, mom has carried the entire heavy load. Besides, you and 

Vincent were controlled by Zama. For your safety, mom also has to get along well with Zama on paper.”


Only then did Nicole realize Laurel's hardship.


If something happened to Samuel, Nicole did not know whether she could bear such a heavy load.


At this time, Samuel was deeply conflicted.


At the beginning, Samuel's mother's purpose was to obtain the property of the Green Family, and even Samuel and Vincent were all for a chip to get the property. For his mother, anyone could be used by her.


He was sad.


"Did mom tell you how to get in touch with Night Elf Empire?"


Samuel did not dare to use the people of the Green Family in the Seapolis City because he was afraid they belonged to Zama. Now, he knew Night Elf Empire, and he naturally hoped for it here.


Nicole shook her head, "Mom was tired at that time. I did not ask in detail. I did not expect such a thing.”


"I will let Mike to search it.”


Samuel could only ask Mike's help now.


He cooked a meal for Nicole and let her ate first. Then, he went out alone.


The meal for Laurel and Zoe was prepared by the sanatorium. When Nicole sent it to them, Laurel just woke up and went to the Zoe's room.


Nicole saw the three of them were playing happily and she couldn't help smiling.


"Time for meal.”




Zoe's spirit was much better than before.


"How about you? Do you still feel any pain?”


Nicole asked, touching Zoe's head.


"I don't feel the pain anymore. The machine is amazing. Mom, when I grow up, I am going to be a doctor. And I will treat many patients like me."


Zoe said, patting her chest.


"Yes, you will become an excellent doctor.”


Nicole brought the dishes.


"Mom, the doctor advises that you can only have a light meal. Samuel made it himself. Try it.”


Laurel smiled, "This is a token of his affection for you. It would be a pity if I eat it.”


"Mom, don't be silly. Samuel also did for you. There are so many here”


Nicole was shy when hearing Laural’s words.


Laurel smiled.


Joseph looked over and found there was no braised pork, saying, "Oh, it is so difficult that I want to eat braised pork.’


"Does it taste good?"


Zoe's health was not good. Thus she could not eat greasy. When she heard Joseph said, she could not help but curiously asked.


"It tastes good! It is yummy!"


Joseph loved braised pork very much.


Laurel stretched out her hand, flicked her finger at him and said, "You just like eating pork. How fat you are! How much braised pork you can make with your fat."


"Mom, grandmother wants me to turn into braised pork! If you turn me into braised pork, you'll have no grandson.”


He quickly covered his head and ran to Zoe.


Zoe giggled.


She had grown up alone. But now she not only had Brother Joseph, but also grandmother, mom and dad. She was happy.


"Mom, when will my brother come? I miss him.”


Zoe suddenly asked, which made Nicole and Laurel shocked.


"He is sick. He needs to take a rest.”


Nicole said.


Zoe crumpled her nose and said, "But he hasn't had a video with me for a long time. Can't he have a video with me when he is sick? I almost forget what he looked like.”


"How could you forget? Don't you look in the mirror every day?"


Nicole smiled.


Zoe was depressed and said, "It is different. Although I and my brother look the same, my brother is much better looking than me and very healthy.”


"Silly girl, when you get well, you can be as healthy as your brother."





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