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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 83

Samuel touched his nose with his hand, and the bright red liquid embarrassed him.


He stood up quickly, went to the bathroom, and took a cold shower.


At this moment, Jacob just knocked on the door and came in.


"Mr. Green, the Don Family...”


"Get out!"


Samuel snorted, and the violent voice scared Jacob.


"Mr. Green?"


Jacob rarely saw Samuel was so emotional. When he just wanted to go to the bathroom, he heard Samuel, "You'd better get out right now! If your eyes flutter, or see what you shouldn't see. I will cut your eyes out!"


This sentence made Jacob dare not go forward. He wanted to see what he could not see around him, but he did not dare, and he quickly withdrew from the office.


Samuel was relieved to hear that the office door was closed.


He didn't dare to stay in the bathroom for too long. After a cold shower, he quickly left the bathroom.


Nicole had been lying on the table and started painting in the video.


Samuel never knew that Nicole liked painting so much five years ago, but now he realized that he knew too little about Nicole.


It is said that women are the most beautiful when they are serious.


Nicole was immersed in a soft light at this time, and Samuel's heartbeat accelerated because of the serious and beautiful look, hoping to kiss her across the screen.


He unreasonably called Nicole.


Nicole heard the phone, and gave a subconscious look.


Samuel clearly saw Nicole frown slightly when she saw the phone number.


That was exclusion!


She actually rejected his phone!


It seemed that besides rejecting him, she even excluded everything about him.


But why?


She used to love herself so much, was everything fake?


Samuel suddenly felt very uncomfortable.


He stubbornly kept calling.


Nicole watched the phone blinking non-stop, and she turned on mute in order to avoid affecting Lucas Bush's sleep, but the flashing screen still bothered her.


What did this man want to do?


Nicole simply turned the phone upside down, so that she won't be disturbed.


Samuel saw clearly from the video.


Originally, he didn't have to hear Nicole's voice, but now seeing Nicole's attitude towards him, his anger lingering in his chest, and he couldn't clam himself down.


Samuel called Nicole over and over again.


Nicole was really annoyed, and then she answered the phone.


"Mr. Green, Is there anything wrong?”


"I just want to call you. You don't want to answer my call? I help you deal with the mess, but now you treat me like this?"


Samuel did not want to make Nicole appreciate anything, but now seeing that she was so repulsive to him, he was uncomfortable, and if he was not comfortable, he couldn't make Nicole comfortable.


This woman used to regard him as the most important thing in her world, loved him more than everything, but now she avoided him as if he was a viper, and hoped to escape from him as far as she could.


Samuel can't stand such a disparate treatment.


It was better if he didn't say that, maybe Nicole would be nice to him and when Samuel said it, Nicole suddenly sneered.


"Mr. Green is thinking of himself as a benefactor, right? But I remember I didn't ask Mr. Green to solve things for me, right? As long as Mr. Green said something, I will go back and deal with it myself tomorrow, I don't have to bother Mr. Green.”


After finishing talking, Nicole hung up the phone directly.


She didn't like him anymore. Now because of Mrs. Don's affairs, she hates Samuel extremely.


This hypocritical man!


After Nicole hung up the phone, she did not hide her emotions towards Samuel.


Samuel saw Nicole's disdain from the screen and frowned instantly.


He always felt something was wrong.


Nicole's attitude towards him was not the same as when this mess happened.


Was there something wrong?


Samuel was puzzled.


He saw Nicole throw the sketch aside and kicked the table resentfully. But at this moment, Lucas Bush turned over and kicked the quilt off.


Nicole's expression suddenly turned into a loving mother, and the gentle look made everyone envious.


Samuel felt crazy!


He envied his son!


But Nicole was really good to Lucas Bush.


She came lightly to the bed, gently re-covered the quilt to Lucas Bush, and then kissed on Lucas Bush's forehead. The gentle eyes could make every man in the world drown.


Samuel suddenly had a desire.


He wanted to see Nicole.


Whether she liked to see him or not, regardless of her attitude, he missed her!


He just wanted to really feel that Nicole was around him.


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