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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 12

This ghostly bell ringing at the moment brought a sudden chill to the office!

Ralphy turned serious, but he still looked suspicious and wondered who would call him at such a late hour? As soon as he answered the phone, Cooper's growling came from the other side of the phone. He shouted angrily,

"Ralphy, do you know what a stupid thing you've done?!"

"Uncle, what's going on here?"

Ralphy was stunned, he was too afraid to move any longer.

The founder of the Graham Group, his eldest uncle, sounded furious at this moment!

He had never seen it before!

"What is going on? What a stupid question!

Is Mr. Maximilian with you now?"

Cooper asked in a chilling voice.

Ralphy's trembled because the name was out of his surprise.

He raised his eyebrows to look at the “wimpy bastard”. He was standing there, relaxed, hands on his back.

"Yes.... Yes, he is.” Ralphy replied in a hurry.

Cooper yelled, "You, apologize to Mr. Maximilian immediately, and listen to Mr. Maximilian for all your cooperation in H City. Cooperate with whoever he tells you to, do you hear me?!"

Ralphy felt panic. He wondered what the hell was going on here?

Why would his elder uncle give the order himself!

"Uncle, what are you doing? Maximilian, is just a wimpy son-in-law from the Griffiths. Why do you care about him so much?"

Ralphy asked in disbelief, his eyes keeping skimming around Maximilian's body.

Who the hell was this guy?

“How dare you! Don't you dare to say that again! I'm telling you, Ralphy, you must never offend Mr. Maximilian! If we piss off Mr. Maximilian, the Graham Group will soon go bankrupt!"

Cooper said.

Hearing that, Ralphy's heart twitched, as if he had suffered a thunderbolt. He was so confused! However, given what his uncle just said, Maximilian was not at all what he had heard about.

At this moment, Ralphy’s body was taken over by fear and chill!

The cold sweat leaked out at the corner of his forehead.

And at this moment, Maximilian spoke in a low voice, "Mr. Graham, have you made up your mind yet?"

Ralphy dared not to waste any more time. He hurriedly said to Maximilian with respects,

"Mr. Maximilian, I’ve thought it over. I'll do everything just as you want. Our partner in the Graham Group will be Miss Victoria of Yunsheng Pharmaceutical."

Just as he spoke, some security guards rushed in from the door and shouted angrily,

"Sir, this young man was here to create a mess, was he?


Who the hell are you? How dare you cause trouble for the Graham Group? You'll get yourself killed!”

Several big and burly security guards. They yelled at Maximilian with riot batons in their hands.

Ralphy's head was covered in cold sweats when he saw this scene!

Why did these idiots have to come up at this time!


Ralphy slapped the man who was talking towards Maximilian. Ralphy lost his temper and yelled angrily,

“How dare you! Stop being so rude to Mr. Maximilian! Get out of here, all of you!"

The security chief was dumbfounded. He covered his burning cheek, and had no idea what to do.

They wondered what this was about?

"Mr. Graham, I thought you're the one who told us to..."

Their leader was still trying to explain.

Ralphy immediately gave him an angry glare before groveling and smiling at Maximilian.

"Mr. Maximilian, I'm sorry, these people are so stupid. I'll take care of all your requests, and I'll have the information passed down tomorrow.”

Maximilian nodded and said, "Much oblige to you then. I'd appreciate it if you make this public."

"I know, I know..." Ralphy hurriedly nodded his head.

Maximilian left soon after he said that. Ralphy was still bowing to his back.

After Maximilian left, he let out a breath. Then he wiped the cold sweats from his head. The pressure just now was too much to take for him!

Cooper Graham treats him with so much respect. It would be hard to overestimate him.

"Do you hear me? Then hurry up and arrange for it, remember, do not make it public! Whoever let the cat out of the bag will be punished! No exception and no mercy!"

Ralphy said to the assistant beside him. Then he warned the guards.

The crowd was silent, nodding their heads without hesitation.

It was already midnight when Maximilian returned home.

He gingerly and skillfully made a bed on the floor and lay down on it. Then he looked sideways at Victoria's delicate back on the bed.

He would never let her down again. It was a promise he had made to her.

Knowing Maximilian had returned, Victoria turned to Maximilian and asked, "Where have you been?"

Maximilian smiled and said, "I am Just out for a while. Just go to sleep. We'll have to visit Sissy in the hospital tomorrow."


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