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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 15

The Belle Club?

Victoria was crying for help!

Maximilian wondered why she had gone there.

He didn't think twice before he ran out of the ward. He was so worried, and he felt as if his heart was burning.

He would never allow anything happen to Victoria! Never!

Before Laura could understand what was going on, he saw Maximilian run out in a hurry.

She instantly pointed at Maximilian's back and scolded,

"Maximilian, where are going, you damn coward?"

She was so mad!

She wondered if Maximilian was leaving just because she had scolded him.

What a good-for-nothing piece of trash!

Maximilian ran out of the hospital and was about to take a taxi. Suddenly a brand new Ferrari stopped in front of him.

A woman in a fire-red trench coat came out of the car. She was in a low-cut V-neck undershirt and a pair of tight blue jeans. Her slender long legs were so tempting. Maximilian felt as if she was radiating sexiness.

"Sir, where are you going?"

The woman's red lips lightly opened. She walked a few steps to Maximilian and respectfully bowed to him.

As she bent down, her plump chest become even more tempting.

"Who are you?”

Asked Maximilian. He looked at her with a suspicious look in his eyes.

"Mr. Maximilian, my name is Sasha, Mr. Collins told me to come here."

Sasha explained.

She finally saw the young master.

Sasha felt a little nervous. Mr. Collins had mentioned Maximilian a lot. She wouldn't dare to offend him!

No one could be his match in H City.

Maximilian got right into the car without hesitation. Then he said,

“The Belle Club!"

Sasha did not ask more questions. She got in and started the Ferrari. The car vroomed like a beast roaring. Then it darted away instantly and

left the hospital, with rising dust behind.

This scene, however, had been seen by Travis who was just out of his car. He was on his way to the hospital.

He felt so confused, and asked himself, “Isn't that Maximilian?”

“Why is he with a strange woman?

“How does a coward like him get the luck to sit in a Ferrari?”

“Holy crap!”

“Is he kept by that rich young woman?”

A stern look flashed in Travis's eyes. He clenched his fist with hatred and stood there for a while. Then he turned away, carrying some gifts and

rushing into the hospital with an intriguing smile.

Within ten minutes, Sasha and Maximilian had arrived at the entrance of the Belle Club. The shiny Ferrari instantly caught the eyes of the passersby!

The Belle Club is famous in H City. The guests here had complicated backgrounds. It was a place where the good and evil people mixed up.

Benjamin, the owner of this place, was a famous guy that ruled the underworld of the H City.

In H City, there are four underworld brothers and one underworld king.

Benjamin was one of the four elder brothers. The guy was well-known for being resourceful, well-connected and ruthless.

Maximilian was in a hurry at the moment. He sprinted towards the entrance of the clubhouse as soon as he got out of the car.

Two tall and muscled were standing in the front doorway.

Obviously, they were the guards that helped watch this place.

They had the cold and distant vibe that kept other people away.

"What are you doing?

Where do you come from? You punk! Don’t you dare to barge in! Just go away!"

One guy with a fierce look squeezed Maximilian's shoulder and pushed him back.

As he spoke, he squinted his eyes and checked Maximilian with a very arrogant attitude.

With just one glance, he categorized Maximilian as a worthless person who didn't deserve his smile and welcome.

The guests of the Belle Club were all celebrities. In the usual days, the two were used to nodding and bowing to them.

But now, the young man in front of them, all dressed up in cheap clothes, just like any other poor people.

They were not worthy of his respect!

They were so good at judging people by the appearance; and sadly, too often they had done a great job.

However, it was clear that today they had guessed wrongly about Maximilian's background.

Maximilian frowned, a cold expression flashed in the corner of his eyes. Then he growled,

"Get out of my way!"

"What?" The two men asked at the same time in surprise.

“What the f*ck did you say?”

“Who are you to ask me to get out of your way?!"

The furious man glared at Maximilian. His tough body directly blocked Maximilian’s way.

One punch was all he needed to knock Maximilian down on the ground.

“Stop! Don’t speak to Mr. Maximilian like that!”

Sasha yelled as she trotted over from the other side of the court.

She had just parked her car. When she saw that something had happened to Maximilian, she immediately rushed over.

Seeing Sasha walked over with her cold face, the two guards instantly felt frightened.

All the guards in H City knew Sasha!

She was the most trusted woman of Connor, the underworld king of H City!

And She was the only woman Connor trusted!

In the ranking of the underworld forces in H City, Connor was definitely on the top list. He’s the underworld king of H City!

The whole underworld of H City is in his hand!

He was a living legend in governments and gangs.

His name was known to everybody.

He started as a street boy, and step by step, he had risen to be crowned as the king of the underworld.

Both the good and the evil had to be afraid of him.

Nothing was impossible in H City with Connor's support.

Therefore, as Conner's most and only trusted woman, Sasha's status had also been lifted. Many people stood in awe of her.

What the outsiders didn’t know was that everything Connor had had -- the status, the identity, the money -- they all came from one place, a formidable place!

The Dragon Sect! Connor and Sasha had been fully aware of that.

Connor once said,

"The reason for my current achievements is the support of Mr. Collins, who was merely a steward of the Dragon Sect. He served a young master we had never met. He’s the real powerhouse that we should look up to! He's a hidden dragon!"

The two burly men restrained their anger immediately. They lowered their head and saluted.

"Miss Green... what brings you here?"

The two arrogant guards were now like guilty children who had made a mistake.

They were used to flaunting their power as they stood at the gate of the Belle Club.


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