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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 17

Connor Davies!

The underground emperor of H City!

Absolutely a top character.

In H City, Connor was a giant, and no one dared not to give him face!

If Benjamin was arrogant earlier and even wanted to let Sasha bend to him, as he saw Connor now, he didn't dare anymore. He just stood to the side with a gloomy and resentful face.

The people of the Underworld showed their hostility when they saw each other.

"Mr. Davies, what do you mean by bringing so many people to my place?”

Benjamin was very discontent in his heart with a chilled face, secretly gritting his teeth and clenching his fists.

He was the owner of the Belle Club, and one of the masters in H City.

Although he didn't dare to go against Connor, he didn't need to be too polite either.

As for Connor, he completely ignored Benjamin, not even interested in looking at him.

That made Benjamin furious!

“What does he mean? Can't I, Benjamin Doyle, still be in your eyes!”


The next scene, however, made Benjamin and the others freeze for several minutes before reacting!

The crowd was trembling!

Even Sasha, who had already known Maximilian's identity, was excited to see this scene at this moment!

Connor walked directly to Maximilian in large strides and stood at attention. Then after he bowed and took off his gentleman's hat and pipe, he said respectfully,

"Mr. Maximilian, I’m sorry for being late. Please reprimand me!"

He was the young master Wilfred was talking about!

The young master of Dragon Sect!

The Dragon Lord to the Dragon Sect in the future!

Maximilian's face became slightly cold as he glanced at Connor. He nodded faintly and said,

"Not bad timing, so you know how to handle it next."

"Yes, sir.”

Connor nodded heavily and turned around after him, his eyes staring at Benjamin with a grim and brutal look.

At the moment, Benjamin had been standing frozen in place, his heart trembling violently!

He didn't understand at all that the underground emperor of H City was actually treating that ordinary bloke with such respect at the moment!

Yes sir?

Connor Davies actually said “yes, sir” to him!

He was panicked!

Benjamin was completely flustered with cold sweat on his forehead!

He wasn't an idiot, so he instantly realized this young man must have an unusual identity!

Even Connor had to treat him with respect!

Meanwhile, Connor's face was grim as he stared at Benjamin.

BANG! All of a sudden, he kicked hard on Benjamin's belly!

Benjamin took two steps backwards, staring at Connor incredulously with resentful gaze, as he shouted,

"Connor Davies! Do you want to fight with me?"

Connor was too disrespectful to him!

"Fight with you?"

Connor sneered and slapped Benjamin angrily on the face!


The sound of a crisp slap resounded throughout the chamber.

"You, Benjamin Doyle, isn't qualified to fight with me!"

To live up to the title of H City's underground emperor, Connor, at the moment, interpreted the dominance of a master to the fullest!

Connor looked coldly at Benjamin and spoke,

"Today, anyone who was rude to Mr. Maximilian is remembered by me, and none of you will get away!"


As soon as he finished the words, the dozen or so hatchet men Connor had brought with him directly pinned all of Benjamin's men inside the chamber to the ground!

Nina was no exception, with her pretty face and big boobs pressed through the floor!

Screams of agony arose immediately!

But suddenly, an icy, indignant voice rang out from behind Benjamin!

Holding his blood-covered head, Zak pointed at Connor in a violent rage and roared,

"You're Connor Davies? Very well. You dare to offend me?"

Zak was extremely angry at the moment!

He was at least the young master of Graham Group, and someone actually dared to ignore him!

Benjamin's face was chilled at this moment. He said with a fiendish sneer,

"Mr. Davies, don't blame me for not reminding you that young Mr. Graham is not someone you can mess with, even if you are the underground emperor of H City. In front of young Mr. Graham, you are just a mud-like mole!"

Young Mr. Graham?

Connor's cold eyebrows twitched as he glanced at the young rich man behind Benjamin.

Benjamin could see Connor's hesitation and immediately straightened his back and introduced,

"This is Zak Graham, the general manager of Graham Group, which has just settled in the city, and also the son of Ralphy, the chairman of Graham Group!"

Benjamin said the words very loudly on purpose with much vigour, afraid that others could not hear.


Connor's heart trembled as he gazed at Zak, and his anger suddenly diminished by a few points.

He was actually the son of Graham Group's Ralphy!

Graham Group! It was a listed company with tens of billions of market share!

This time, the Graham Group branch had invested over $3 billion when it settled in H City!

Connor couldn't really afford to mess with it.

Although he had position and power, it was limited to H City.

Connor was really a bit scared of such a large listed company.

Maximilian saw Connor's dilemma and asked in a cold voice as his eyebrows knitted,


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