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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 31

A family banquet was being held in the old mansion of the Griffiths.


Griffith's wife and third concubines, together with their children, all arrived and sat at the table.


When Victoria brought Maximilian in, several relatives of the Griffiths began to sneer and say.


"Oh Victoria, why did you bring this worthless wretch?"


"Damned unlucky to see this good-for-nothing guy at this dinner!”


"Why is it that someone like a dog is following Victoria wherever she goes?”


The crowd roared with laughters, and the sarcasm on their faces was obvious.


Marcus and Laura came earlier and sat there feeling shameful and angry, glaring at Maximilian a few times.


What a wimp! A guy like that was not worthy of Victoria at all! Laura secretly resolved to break them up anyway.


Her daughter must marry into a rich family and become a rich lady!


Victoria's good-looking eyebrows twisted, but she pulled Maximilian to sit in an empty seat without saying anything.


Next to her sat Iris, who was studying cosmetics live streaming and shouting in excitement.


"OMG, buy it! Buy it! I love you, Jaki!"


Then she placed her order directly without hesitation.


After making the payment, she only glanced arrogantly at Victoria and Maximilian on the side and sneered.


"Phew, finally come here to for free meal. That's a shame. Victoria, in fact, you shouldn't have come because later you'll bring disgrace to yourself."


Iris already knew about that incident, and it was Franklin who told her about it.


Great! It would be great to see Victoria being against in public.


Victoria frowned and didn't say anything.


Not long after, Mr. Samuel walked into the hall with the help of Franklin.


The crowd also hurriedly got up to greet Mr. Samuel.


"Well, sit down all. Since it's a family dinner, feel free to be yourselves.”


Mr. Samuel leaned on his cane and waved down with a smile on his face, beckoning to everyone to take their seats.


Franklin sat beside Mr. Samuel and glanced at Victoria and Maximilian on the opposite side, with a cold smile appearing at the corner of his mouth.


Victoria, you would be done soon!


It was me who would ultimately cooperate with the Graham Group!


After toasting each other, Mr. Samuel suddenly thought of something and asked,


"By the way, did you guys get anything about the Lee family that I asked you to inquire about last time? If I remember correctly, there isn't a large family with the surname Lee in H City.”


Samuel was still haunted by the incident at the hospital last time and was quite shaken inside.


Samuel also had someone check out those gifts and medical instruments, which were really the most expensive and rare ones!


They were not even things available with money.


Did the Lee family really take a fancy to Victoria?


At the dinner table, all of the Griffith's relatives shook their heads and said they didn't know.


The Lee family?


They really haven't heard of it. Was it from another city?


Such a character was not someone they could contact.


“Isn't Maximilian's surname Lee? Did he send those things here to save his daughter?”


Franklin said this with sarcasm, which immediately triggered laughters and contempts from the crowd.


Everyone knew that Maximilian was a notorious loser, earning several thousand dollars a month, and he had to treat his dying mother with the Griffith's help.


"Franklin, you can't be joking. How can it be him, a loser? If it is him, I, Iris, will kneel down, kowtow to him right now and apologize.”


Iris sneered unscrupulously, with her eyebrows raised, smug and arrogant.


"Haha, Maximilian just has the same surname as the Lee family. What can he do?"



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