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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 36

Maximilian’s lip curled up and said.


"Bring him in, I'll watch and you'll handle it.”


“Yes, sir."


Ralphy said.


A few minutes later, Franklin walked in with a smile. He reached out both his hands and fawned.


"My pleasure, Mr. Graham, I finally met you, I'm really excited.”


Ralphy smiled.


“Nice to meet you, Mr. Griffith.”


Seeing that Ralphy was willing to shake hands with him, Franklin instantly smiled, it seemed possible that the Graham Group would admit that they had changed the person in charge of the deal.


Sure enough, Franklin believed that he was top brass of the society, and the future head of the Griffiths.


However, he suddenly noticed that there were other people in this office, and they were sitting on the sofa in an imposing manner, drinking tea.


“Maximilian? Why are you here, you piece of shit?”


Franklin's face changed, looking displeased, and there was a hint of coldness and contempt in his eyes.


What was this wimp doing here?


And, he was sitting on the couch and drinking tea casually!


Didn't he know what was this place?


This was the chairman's office of the Graham Group!


Maximilian chuckled, raised his hand and waved it, laughing.


“Hello, Franklin.”


“Fuck! Why are you here?"


Franklin was instantly furious, his eyebrows twisted, and asked in a cold manner.


Why was Maximilian so relaxed in this place?


“And why are you sitting here? And drinking tea? Do you know where it is? Get up!"


Franklin was annoyed. If he pissed off Ralphy because of Maximilian, the noisy bastard, then both he and the Griffiths would 

end up in tragedy!


Seeing Franklin treat Maximilian so rudely, Ralphy was annoyed and tried to stop him several times, but he was stopped by 

Maximilian’s hint.


Ralphy couldn't understand why Maximilian, who was so powerful, pretended to be indecent and weak? Was that the hobby of the rich man?


However, Maximilian replied indifferently.


“Why couldn't I be here? I'm here for Mr. Graham.”


Aha ha!


Franklin sneered, with contemptuous disdain in his eyes.


"You're just a piece of shit, how can you come here for Mr. Graham?


Oh, I see, you're coming to beg Mr. Graham because of the contract, aren't you?"


When he said that, Franklin's eyes were full of teasing.


Maximilian was too indulged in his fantasy. What could he do by himself?


Maximilian didn't say anything, instead, a faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.


Ralphy also spoke up, his face unhappy as he looked at Franklin, and asked.


"Mr. Griffith, are you referring to the contract I gave to Director Victoria last time?"


Franklin immediately took a few steps forward and nodded repeatedly when smiling.


"Mr. Graham is really thoughtful. Well, Victoria's performance is not qualified, her ability is not up to standard. Hence, with the company’s decision and her own consent, I will be in charge of the cooperation with your company this time. I came to specially inform Mr. Graham, by the way, and sign the contract here.”


After saying that, Franklin shamelessly picked up a pen and wanted to sign directly.


However, Maximilian said in a cold voice.


“Victoria is not qualified? Then you, a second-generation rich who only knows how to search for fun, are capable for it? And, did she really agree? Didn't you join forces with your Grandpa and took this contract from her?”


Hearing this, Franklin became anxious and suddenly turned his head, glared angrily at Maximilian, and yelled.

"Maximilian! You'd better stop talking! Besides, this is my family's business, it's not your turn to interfere! Are you fighting for your wife? Victoria is nothing in my eyes, not to mention you! Mr. Garham is not as ignorant as you, and he will definitely agree to the arrangement. When the time comes, I promise I will drive you and that little bitch Victoria out of the Griffiths!"


Franklin was so relieved after abusing Maximilian!


Then he turned around and said to Ralphy with a smile on his face.


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