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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 38

That voice was unpleasant.


Maximilian raised his eyebrow and looked over, and saw the scantily dressed Travis, who was walking towards him with his hands in his pockets and his face full of sneers.


Travis looked Maximilian up and down with a contemptuous look before cleaning up the lapel of his suit, and said with mockery.


“Well, Maximilian, your SPA business has opened up to Hankook Palace, great.”


As saying that, he gave a thumbs up, but his words were full of sarcasm.


Maximilian’s eyebrows knitted and his face recoiled a little.


Did you have to worry about what I was doing here?


Besides, did I know you well?


Maximilian shook his head and didn't intend to pay any attention, turning around to leave.


However, this made Travis very upset!


Shit! A wasted son-in-law of the Griffiths, a loser that everyone despised of, dared to ignore him?


Travis wasn't going to let Maximilian go and directly blocked his way and mocked.


“Well, quite a bully now, how dare you ignore me?


What, do you really think you're an honored guest after you arrived the Hankook Palace?


Don't dream for too long! You can never afford the service here.”


Maximilian’s brows knitted, and his expression was extremely irritated.


He had business to deal with and didn't want to waste time on such a trivial thing.


At the same time, a few rich men and women behind also looked at Maximilian with strange gazes.


Although they were not familiar with Maximilian, they had heard rumors about him.


The son-in-law of the Griffiths, usually relied on his wife to support him. He was nothing in the Griffith family.


"Mr. Hart, is this the notorious wimp Maximilian? He's really a loser as the rumor says"


"It's the first time I have seen him. I heard he couldn't recognize his own daughter. How pathetic he is!"


"Hey, why did Victoria marry him? I can't figure it out.’


Several people stood behind Travis, cajoling and chattering with contemptuous words.


They, in no way, considered Maximilian's feeling. He was just a joke to make fun of in their eyes. Why should they care about his feeling? Especially his own wife despised him. It was said they were going to get divorce soon. How ridiculous he was!

Maximilian frowned, not wanting to stay here any longer, he turned around and prepared to leave. But Travis was not giving up.


“Maximilian, don't leave, we have just met. How about I treat you to dinner? Of course, it's not free. As long as you bark twice like a dog, I'll pay the bill. Is it OK? It's a good deal! Being able to have dinner at the Hankook Palace, you can boast around in the future.”


Travis looked at Maximilian the wimp with displeasure. How could he have married a heavenly goddess like Victoria?


Victoria would be Travis's girl if it were not him!


Maximilian, damned you!


“Just go by yourself.”


Maximilian said coldly.


Travis laughed, reached out his hands, patted Maximilian on the shoulder, and talked to his ear to provoke him,


"Maximilian, I advise you, better get divorce with Victoria ASAP. Otherwise, I will make sure you can't leave intact.”


After saying that, Travis led his men and walked by him, heading to the hall.


Maximilian'’s eyes were cold with killing intents. He tugged his fist, exhaled a breath and walked outside.


However, Travis hadn't gone far when a middle-aged man with a round face, dressed in a grey suit, rushed towards him, and, followed by two assistants.


He was the owner of Hankook Palace, Max Walsh.


He was an influential man in H city, famous both in society and in the underworld.


His status was second to Connor Davies in H City!


The Hankook Palace, which was the largest hotel in H City, had an intricate relationship, so the owner behind it, whose strength naturally could not be underestimated.


At this moment, seeing Max running out, Travis was very excited, hurriedly fawning and running over, extended out his hands and said respectfully.


“Mr. Walsh, how could you greet me in person? It makes me flattered.”


However, Max just passed by and looked obliquely at Travis, wondering, who was this guy?


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