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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 40

The cane hit heavily on Victoria's calf. She endured the pain, muffled a grunt, and bent her knees and fell straight to the ground.


However, she was unconvinced in her heart and stubbornly held her chin high, her eyes squeezed with tears. She turned around her head, glared at Franklin, who was gloating at the side, then asked Samuel.


"Grandpa, why do I have to kneel down? Did I do anything wrong?"


With a hint of resentment and aggravation, Victoria stubbornly wiped her tears that were rolling down from the corner of her eyes.


Without waiting for Samuel to speak, Franklin jumped out and, with his hands behind his back, walked around Victoria and sneered.


"Victoria, at this point, you still refuse to tell the truth. Do you have to be punished by the family law before you admit your mistake?"


Franklin was wild with joys.


Especially when he saw Victoria kneeling in front of so many people, he was overwhelmed.


Victoria, who was always so proud of herself, were kneeling in front of me.


“What have I done!”


Victoria glared at Franklin indignantly.


Samuel blew his beard in anger and raised his hand, pointing tremblingly at Victoria, and chided.


"Well, well, still don't admit your mistake, do you? I'll whip you to death!”


After saying that, Samuel walked directly to Victoria there with his cane, raised his hand, and without saying a word, gave 


Victoria a resounding slap!


“Still doesn't admit it, do you? I'll beat you up until you admit you're wrong!"


Samuel cursed with hatred.


Victoria covered her red cheeks, and her tears completely burst out like a leaking dike.


She really didn't know what she had done wrong, but so many people looking at her menacingly and gloating as soon as she came in.


Franklin, in particular, was making the situation worse by slandering her.


Samuel shouted in a cold voice and asked.


"Let me ask you, did you ask Maximilian to go to the Graham Group to fight for your position as one in charge of the cooperation?"


Hearing this, Victoria froze, her face looked puzzled as she replied.


“Grandpa, I don't, I don't know what you're talking about.”


What? Maximilian went to the Graham Group?


"You're still pretending, aren't you? I saw it with my own eyes, and Maximilian was in Mr. Graham's office!”


Franklin immediately chimed in and accused.


“Victoria, do you know? Because of Maximilian, Ralphy withdrew our contract, and you dare to say that this has nothing to do 

with you? In my opinion, you are the one who secretly planned this!”


Victoria was so angry. She didn't know why Franklin blamed everything on her.


Still denying it, she said.


"I didn't, you are lying!


How could Maximilian go to the Garham Group? He doesn't even know Mr. Graham!"


"Franklin, it's you who failed to sign the contract, why do you want to blame me and Maximilian for your mistake?”


Victoria questioned, but, Franklin immediately retorted.


“Bullshit! I'm the most outstanding one in the company, would Mr. Graham not sign a contract with me? It's all because of you and Maximilian! You betrayed the company and our family!


You just can't get that job and want to ruin it!"


After saying that, Franklin immediately turned to look at Samuel and said.


"Grandpa, don't listen to her, she's lying.”


Samuel was furious, and he couldn't recognize who was right or who was wrong. However, he only trust his eldest grandson.


The cane in his hand hit the floor heavily with a few thuds, and Samuel bellowed angrily.


“It seems that you won't tell the truth until I teach you a lesson!”


After saying that, Samuel said to the two guards.


"You two, slap her, I want to see how tough she is!”


Without saying a word, the two guards walked towards Victoria with cold looks, one of them, clasped Victoria's slender arms, while the other, viciously grabbed her hair with one hand.


Clap! A crisp slap slammed through the entire conference room!


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