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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 42

This question, together with the fact that Maximilian dared to fight back, instantly stunned all the relatives of the Griffith family!


Grandpa Samuel was also out of his mind with anger, and he said angrily.


"How dare you rebel against us? How dare you question me, you useless loser? And you dare to fight back?”


Grandpa Samuel's face was totally blue at this moment.


Franklin and Andrew were right, this Maximilian had a hard bone. If he died in the future and the Yunsheng Pharmaceutical Company was given to Victoria, the company would definitely be taken away by this asshole!


No, it was absolutely impossible!


When Franklin on the side saw that Maximilian dared to fight back, he was instantly happy in his heart, and he angrily said with a sinister expression on his face.


"Maximilian, you are reckless! What do you want? You even want to make a move on grandpa?"


After shouting, he immediately turned his head to the Grandpa and said.


"Grandpa, our Griffith family absolutely can't tolerate this guy. Look, he even dares to disrespect you! If you're not around in the future, he might turn the sky upside down!"


That was a heartbreaking statement!


Originally, Grandpa Samuel was thinking about this matter, and now that Franklin mentioned it to him, it instantly magnified the anger and worries in his heart to infinity.


"tf you dare to grab the cane again, I will expel you and Victoria, from the Griffith family, and remove your name from the Griffith family tree!"


Grandpa Samuel threatened Maximilian in a deep voice. That was a heavy statement!


Maximilian froze in his heart, as he never expected Grandpa Samuel to act like this at all.


Laura on the other side heard it and got anxious!


Samuel actually threatened to drive Victoria out of the Griffith family. She couldn't afford the consequences of that.


She was scared and immediately rushed up with eagerness and anger, and slapped Maximilian violently across the face, berating him.


"Maximilian, you're crazy! How dare you ignore what Grandpa Samuel says? Do you want Victoria to be kicked out of the Griffith family? Do you want our family to get involved just because of you? Get down on your knees and apologize to Franklin and Grandpa Samuel!"


It was over. It was over!


If it was because of Maximilian that Victoria was implicated, Laura would kill him!


Maximilian was stunned, the corners of his eyes twisted with the cane clenched tightly in his hand. He looked at Victoria, who was dying, weak and pale.


In that moment, all his anger turned into ashes.


For Victoria, he would do anything, and he would bear anything. Maximilian slowly let go of the cane in his hand.




The moment he let go of his hand, Grandpa Samuel angrily beat Maximilian on the shoulder and rebuked.


“How dare you question me? You loser! I'll beat you to death!"


With that, Grandpa Samuel beat on Maximilian’s shoulder one after another.


The BANG sounded solidly throughout the conference room.


All the relatives of the Griffith family looked on coldly, with cold smiles on their faces.


Well Done.


Just now, they really thought Maximilian was going to be lawless, but now it seemed that he was still a trash.


At that moment, Victoria, who was on the side, had managed to catch her breath and clear her mind a bit while she squinted her eyes, looking at the blurred figure in front of her.


Lee was being punished for her.


“Maxi.....Maximilian." Victoria shouted out with difficulty, her voice was weak.


And then, she got up, pushed through the crowd in front of her, and exerted all her strength to grab the cane that Grandpa Samuel had once again swung towards Maximilian’s back.


"Grandpa, don't beat him. I was wrong, it was my fault, don't blame him."


Victoria fell straight to her knees while begging with tears in her voice.


Maximilian was covered in cold sweat, clenching his fists tightly, and his heart warmed up when he heard Victoria's plea.


He knew exactly what Victoria's nature was, and she was stubborn.


It wasn't her fault, and she would never admit it.


But now she, for his sake, was willing to get down on her knees and admit the mistake.



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