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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 57

Maximilian turned around and said, "Yes, it won't take long."


Hearing this, Laura looked at Maximilian with disgust and asked in a cold voice.


"What does this matter have to do with you? Did you instruct Victoria to say those things in the conference room?”


Laura immediately looked at Victoria anxiously when she thought of this and asked her in a reprimanding manner.


“Victoria, tell me the fucking truth. Did that loser instruct you to do so? As long as you admit it, then things will be easy. We 

only need to let him apologize to Samuel.”


“Okay, mother. Don't bother me now. My mind is totally a mess. Could you leave me alone to calm down?" Victoria replied in 

an unpleasant manner.


“Do you know what time is it? You must be misguided by that loser. Do you think you can believe in what he said? Victoria, I 

think you're crazy!”


Laura angrily pointed at Victoria and scolded her, at the same time; she slapped her on the face.


Laura really regretted to death when she agreed to marry her daughter to such a trash.


Now her family was falling apart.


Laura's slap froze Victoria. Her tears were running around her eyes. Seeing this, Maximilian’s face went gloomy as a pool of 

stagnant water. He rushed between them and grabbed Laura's hand, saying in a cold voice.


"You can't hit her. We don’t know what will happen next. Why can't you trust her?”


Laura was furious, when was that loser's turn to speak?


"How dare you stop me? I think Victoria is probably instigated by you! Get the hell out of here! I am teaching my own daughter 

a lesson now. What does it have to do with you?”


Laura gasped. Maximilian glanced at her coldly, not moving at all but kept protecting Victoria in front of her.


This was the first time he had acted so brave in this house, in front of Laura.


Looking at Maximilian’s cold eyes, Laura suddenly got panicked.


That look was so scary, like a fierce beast was staring at her.


Seeing the situation was getting intense, Marcus stepped forward and said, "Stop! What's the point of arguing when thing 

goes on like this? Now we have to find a way to let Samuel forgive Victoria.”


Only then did Maximilian let go of Laura's hand and said to Victoria.


"Don't worry about it. Just get inside and have a rest.”


Victoria stood up with aggrieved eyes, turning around to the bedroom.


Maximilian looked at her back silently.


However, it seemed that Laura was unwilling to let him go easily. She slammed the plate Maximilian was holding down to the 

ground, pointing at his nose and scolding,


“Maximilian, I'm warning you! Don't lead my daughter to the wrong way!


Sooner or later, you're going to get a divorce. My daughter is going to have a good future and she will definitely not waste her 

time on you!"


Maximilian didn't say a word, and grabbed the mop to clean up the floor.


Laura stomped her foot in anger and cursed,


"You are noting. I will kick you out of our house sooner or later!"


It was about the lunch time when Maximilian came to the bedroom and found Victoria sitting alone with her hands on her 

knees, crying in a low voice on the bed.


“What's wrong?” Maximilian asked tentatively.


Victoria turned around, wiped her tears, and choked, “No... nothing.”


Maximilian smiled. Her wife looked pretty even when she cried.


"Don't worry. Franklin and Samuel will come to beg you."


Maximilian said.


Victoria raised her eyebrow, looked at Maximilian in confusion, and asked.


"Why do you say that? Do you know something?”


Maximilian nodded and said, "I've looked at those companies that Yunsheng Pharmaceutical has partnered with in the past 

two days, and it seems that their profits aren't good. Some of their stock prices have dropped wildly, so I guess they'll cut a lot of their partners.”



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