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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 71

Maximilian saw Victoria looking at herself suspiciously and was just about to speak when her phone rang.


Victoria glanced at the caller ID and said with a slight twist of her willowy eyebrows


“What an obnoxious guy!"


Following that, she picked up the phone and asked politely.


“Hey, Travis, what's up?”


On the other end of the phone, Travis was excited and said.


“Victoria, did you get the invitation?"


Invitations? Victoria looked at the golden invitation from Vienna in her hand and suddenly realized it was from Travis.


She thought it was Maximilian before.


Coming to her sense, how could Maximilian have given her the ticket to the Vienna Concert Hall?


It was So expensive.


"I got it, thank you." Victoria laughed and followed, "But this invitation, I can't......"


Victoria was just about to say that she couldn't accept it, while Travis seemed to know what she was going to say, so he hurriedly interrupted her.


“Gee, just take it, as it's not worth much money. Consider it a token of my appreciation for you; otherwise, it would be a waste if you didn't want it.”


"That's not very nice......" Victoria's heart was torn, as the saying goes, taking something from someone for nothing is definitely a bit too much.


Besides, Travis always had a crush on her. If she accepted this gift, their relationship would be much more difficult to explain.


Not to mention, Maximilian was still on the side right now.


“There's nothing wrong with it. Take it, I'll hang up now, as something's going on at work.”


With that, Travis hung up the phone in a hurry.


Victoria was helpless while holding the golden invitation in her hand, not knowing what to do for a while.


“Who's calling?” Maximilian asked.


“It's from Travis, he said the invitation is from him.” Victoria answered.


Maximilian was stunned, did Travis say this invitation was from him?


He was daydreaming!


How could he let this guy pick up what he had got for nothing......


“Victoria, this invitation is actually......”


Just as Maximilian opened his mouth, Laura and Marcus came back at this moment.


After entering the door, Laura snorted and asked with a snarl of anger,


“Maximilian, what are you doing? The pot is burning!"


“Ah? Ohhhh, here I come!"


Maximilian slapped his thigh, and rushed to the kitchen before he was unable to finish his sentence.


Victoria looked at the busy figure in the kitchen, beamed her mouth and puzzled at what he was going to say just now.


However, Victoria didn't care much about that. Holding the invitation in her hand, she hesitated for a while and called Leila.


“Leila, go to the Vienna Concert Hall with me tomorrow night.”


“The Vienna Concert Hall? Victoria, did you snag the tickets?”


On the other end of the phone, Leila sounded excited.


“Travis gave it to me to take one with me." Victoria laughed.


“Travis? That guy is pretty good at what you like, much better than your Maximilian." Leila spoke up.


Following that, the two girls made a small talk.


At dinner, this matter was naturally known to Laura, who held the golden invitation and said with a smile on her face,


“Oh, Marcus, look at Travis, how thoughtful he was. This is the Vienna Concert Hall, our daughter's favorite, and this child just knows how to care for people.”



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