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In My Desperate Time novel Chapter 1


“Open your mouth, take these pills!”


Andrew Malan pries my mouth and pours a handful of pills into my mouth.


I feel sick with dry and bitter pills sticking on my throat.


I want to throw up but Andrew Malan covers my mouth tightly. He forces me to swallow down.


I look at the man in front of me and feel a trace of disgusting.


At the office party half year ago, I met this courteous handsome man. I am impressed by him and he also had feelings for me. So we get married within half a month.


I think I could leave that house and have a happy life. But after the marriage, I begin to realize how scary this man is. Life is just from a lion's mouth to another tiger's den.


His eyes are red with blood which look terrible. He is nothing like the gentle and cultivated man he has been before. He takes the medicine. Medicine for that problem.


Having been married for nearly half a year, I am still a virgin.


Andrew Malan is impotent.


I never tell anyone about it.


He tries all night on the wedding day but doesn't work. I am not a woman who must have sex. I only want him to treat me well, and sex and others don't matter.


But having been frustrated again and again, Andrew Malan’s temper becomes worse. He often yells at me and quarrels with me as long as there is any disagreement. My mother-in-law, Susan Felton, always despises me and picks on me. She turns a blind eye to our quarrels which she doesn't care about.


I can put up with all these things. But now he forces me to take medicine with him because he thinks I am not slutty and couldn't turn him on.



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