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In My Desperate Time novel Chapter 13


I never expect Frances Louis would bring up a request like this.


I am stunned and don't know what to say.


Until his cold lips against mine. Suddenly I get my conscious and push him away.


“Mr. Louis, I am not that kind of woman!”


I step back and keep a distance between us.


This man has a smell of danger. Maybe I shouldn't come at first.


“Not that kind of woman?” Frances Louis raises his mouth slightly. His words are sarcastic, “That's not what you said at that night.”


Immediately, it feels that someone is slapping on my face.


That night, in order to persuade Frances Louis to save me, I really say all kinds of things. But people shouldn't take serious about someone's words which are said under an emergency situation!


I can tell from the look of Frances Louis, no matter what I say, that would be superfluous.


“I will repay your debt as soon as I can. Please give me some time.”


I say and stride out. I close the door quickly.


His ambiguous words are still ringing in my ears. My ears are burning.


When I go down stairs, the maid looks at me significantly and walk me to the gate. She say repeatedly that when I come next time, she will treat me in delicious food.


Today is Sunday. I have hotpot outside alone and go home.


There are two people sitting at the door. They make me as panic as the red paint on the door.


I come up and say, “Dad, Mom.”


I am extremely upset.


I know clearly that it would never be something good for my parents coming to me.


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