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I've Been There Before (Grace and Caden) novel Chapter 23


"No!" Grace responded in a hurry, “I didn’t hide from you, Mr. Shaw!"




She was hiding from him!




"What's the matter with your voice?" How hoarse was her voice!


"I have a sore throat.” Grace lowered her eyes and refused to say more.


“Are you afraid of me?"


Grace's eyelids twitched, but she didn't refute.


Caden who was standing beside her bed raised his eyebrows slowly and felt even unhappier.


Suddenly, he leaned forward. Grace saw in a horrified trance as he propped an arm on the mattress beside her, and suddenly narrowed the distance between them.


His other hand reached out to Grace; and when she subconsciously shrunk backwards, Caden said in a calm voice, "Don't move."


Seeing that Grace sat motionless obediently, Caden pushed her bangs aside and ran his fingers on the scar on her forehead. Grace was already not well; it was really hard for her to ignore Caden’s cold finger touching her.


Caden stroked the scar softly with his fingers, pursed his lips, and asked unhappily, "How did you get this scar?”


Grace looked up at Caden in front of her... Hypocritical bastard!


How did she get it? As if he didn’t know about it!


She replied stiffly, "Got hurt." Thanks to you! She added in her heart.


The finger stroked the scar and slowly began to travel downwards towards her lips.


Her skin beneath his fingertips was dry and peeling, and was pale in color.


Grace did not dare to move at all. She stayed in her place with her neck stiff, as his palm held most of her face.


His thumb moved across her lips, caressing softly. The strange thing was, even though her lips were not soft and plump nor pink and alluring like blooming petals, her dry and pale lips somehow aroused his desire.


Caden's eyes became dark with desire. The next second, he took her lips unceremoniously.


His fiery hot lips covered hers. Grace had no strength to resist, she passively accepted Caden's domineering kiss.


Sweet... Caden was totally immersed in the kiss. After the kiss, he suddenly remembered...


"Is my kiss good or was that bastard Franklin's kiss better?"


Grace was still in a daze, and her pale face had become red because of the kiss. Before she could recover from the kiss, she heard Caden ask her coldly.




What ‘Huh’? Caden frowned, "I'm asking you something. Is my kiss good or that bastard’s? "


What the fuck is this?


Seeing that Grace still didn’t answer, Caden was annoyed.


How long did it take to think about it?


Was that bastard Franklin's kiss that good? Did it leave such a long-lasting aftertaste?



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