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I've Been There Before (Grace and Caden) novel Chapter 29




Leon turned around and Grace was pushed into a room. She opened her eyes and got stunned, “Mr. Lo, why did you bring me here?”


This was a similar private room with the one before.


Who is she? She is just a prisoner and she could never afford to get into another trouble.


Graces wanted to avoid everything that made her feel unsettled. She has got nothing left to pay off any debts now.


She quickly said, “Mr. Lo, if you don't need anything else, I shall leave now.”


However, her legs didn't allow her to walk fast. Her speed couldn't catch up with her desire to leave the scene and this dangerous person. Therefore, the way she walked looked funny to Leon.


Grace headed towards the exit with a limping leg. Leon's hand was in his pocket. The pair of brown eyes hidden under the golden frame glasses smiled while he watched her walking to the door. He did nothing to stop her as if she was a free man and it didn't matter where she'd go.

Grace reached out her hand when she finally arrived at the door. She breathed a sigh of relief when she held the doorknob, and pulled open the door in the next second. Lights came out from the gap between the door and the frame. The private room was vacant so it was very dark. When lights hit her eyes, she closed her eyes subconsciously... “Ouch!”

The moment she closed her eyes and started to feel dizzy, she felt her wrist got grabbed and someone pulled her. It wasn’t a vigorous pull but she was weak and her leg was limping. So, she fell to the floor.

Grace immediately raised her head. What she saw was a finely-sculptured face. Under the dim lights, the face wasn't as clear.

Suddenly, a hand reached out to her face.

“What...are you doing?”

She dodged.

“Stop moving,” Leon sounded gentle. He gave her a gentle command.

Grace’s face turned pale. Three years in the prison had transformed her from an arrogant lady into a pathetic and sensitive person. Leon's voice was so gentle but she could catch the coldness hidden inside of his tone... And it is very much like how Caden sounded!

Caden...Caden...Caden... They must be the same kind of person! He will hurt me! Grace panicked and tried to run away.

However, a voice came out from nowhere.

“I don't like a disobedient toy.”

Grace was stunned. Her face went pale. Under the dim light, she couldn't see anything in the dark environment, let alone Leon’s face. All she saw was a blurry image of a finely-sculptured face in front of her... Mr. Lo? Caden? Mr. Lo? Caden?

Who? Who was that?

She couldn't think and started to have difficulty breathing. All that repeated in her mind was the name of Mr. Lo and Caden.

“A disobedient toy must be locked up and trained.”

That voice appeared again.

Grace shivered. Her whole body froze next so that she couldn't even move a little. Her eyes were wide open, and fears were in her eyes... Caden, please don't lock me up!

“No! Don't lock me up! Don't lock me up!”

The name of Caden and the idea of locking her up made Grace went crazy. “Please, please, I was wrong. It’s all my fault. Please don't lock me up. I'll never do it again!”

Leon was startled by Grace’s reaction and her waving hands. He took a step back and kept his feet, his gentle face then covered in coldness. He was tall enough to grab Grace's waving hands in the air. He then shouted in anger, “Are you crazy?”

“Go away! Go away! I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Sorry...”

No one has ever reacted this way to Leon. The switch of the lights was just beside him. He reached out his hand and pressed the button.

Immediately, the room filled with brightness.

He was still very triggered. He controlled Grace’s movement with one of his one hand, and raised Grace's chin with another, “Are you done? You crazy...”

“Oh my...” Leon stopped. He gasped the moment he got a good look on Grace's face.

The crazy look, the empty eyes... What happened to this woman?

Leon is clever. Since he was sure that they have never met each other before, she must have mistaken him for somebody else.

While he calmed himself down, he let go of Grace’s hands and took a step back to a safer range. You can't expect a man to slap a woman to wake her up from her delusion, right?

The best way is to stay away and wait for her to wake up from her delusions.

The lights were dim in the private room. It was so quiet in the room. All that left was Grace’s mumbles.

Leon watched Grace mumbles at aside. Slowly, her mumbles became slower and slower until she became quiet. Leon then walked and stopped in front of her as he stepped on the cold floor.

He reached out his hand to Grace. She dodged away subconsciously.

Leon chuckled, “Are you alright now?”


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