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Please Be Gentle With Me Mr Grant novel Chapter 116

At noon, Blanca stood sadly by a vending machine and bought a box of cup noodles.

It was impossible for her to go on a diet to lose weight.

No matter how terrible she felt, she must eat.

“Blanca, I thought you were having lunch with Mr. Grant. Why are you buying this...”

Isabel came out of blue and Blanca smiled awkwardly, realizing Isabel and the others had already finished their lunch.

“Well, I don’t like today’s dishes and I suddenly have the urge to get some cup noodles.”

“Okay then. I sort of like cup noodles too. Maybe we can have them together next time.”

“That will be nice.”

She finally managed to get this over with. In the afternoon, with Isabel’s aid, Blanca learned how to use the printer to print and fax things. It was time to get off work when she finished printing all the files Anna gave her.

The colleagues were leaving.

Even Isabel said goodbye to Blanca and left. Blanca hesitated in the office for a while and walked downstairs. She had no idea whether Matthew left or not.

She didn’t know how to go home...

Should she take a taxi?

Just as Blanca was wondering, a black Land Rover honked and pulled off in front of her. Blanca was startled. She had been a bit off during the day and she realized this was Matthew’s car.

Curtis rolled down the window and said, “Mrs. Grant, please get in the car.”


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