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Predestined Marriage novel Chapter 13


Summer was shocked before she could react, it was the voice of “Douglas”.

“Why haven't you leave?”

The reply she got was the sound of the call being terminated.

Looking at the terminated phone call, she was so frustrated that she held her head and squatted down.

Why was everyone making things difficult for her?

Karen and Lynn gave birth to her but don't love her.

She was forced to marry into the Emerson family, Leonardo hated her so much that he refused to see her.

She doesn't want to stir up any trouble but 'Douglas' kept pestering her. But, if she were to ignore what ˆDouglas' said, will he tell Leonardo that she had seduced him?

When she thought of this possibility, Summer sighed and stood up.

Although she had done something similar to threaten Karen and Vicky, if 'Douglas' were to say nonsense, no matter iÍ it was true or otherwise, the Emerson family will certainly sacrifice her to protect the family reputation.

Summer didn't buy those dishes that 'Douglas' wanted. She bought some groceries before going back.

When she entered the apartment, she saw 'Douglas' tall frame sitting on her single sofa.

The handsome man tilted his head as he rested on the sofa. His long legs were crossed in a comfortable position. lf it wasn't for his pale look, from his calm expression, no one could tell that he has been shot.

Even so, it doesn't look like he fits into the cramped room with her. After all, he was the spoilt son of a rich and aristocratic family. Although his personality was flawed, he still has the aura of the rich and privileged.

She placed the groceries down on one side and bent down to change her shoes.

She felt a chill approach. She raised her head and saw the man who was just sitting at the sofa standing next to her, inspecting the groceries that she had brought back.

Leonardo finished looking at the groceries and raised his eyebrow, “These are the stuff you bought?”

Summer already changed her shoes, turned and picked up the groceries, said calmly, “Takeaways are expensive, l'm broke.”


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